10 Reference Books for History Students

10 Reference Books for History Students

Top 10 Reference Books For Students – History

– Columbus

Writer: Demi

The history book is about Christopher Columbus born in 1451. He grew up in northern Italy at Genoa watching ships sailing in the harbor with riches from Belgium, England, Spain and Egypt coming in. He was convinced about gaining wealth for himself as began sailing from Europe to East for trade with India and China. He did not reach Asia, but landed in South America where he established a firm foothold. He opened up wider exploration in the European region.

– Who Were the Romans?

Writer: Phil Roxbee Cox

The history book covers topics about the Romans, their everyday life, their likes, the kind of homes they live in, the kind of purchases they made, the Roman gods and a nice myth about the Gods and the Roman Army. Illustrations are simple and the information provided is fascinating. There are a series of questions listed along with answers. The book is best suited for 6 to 8 year olds.

– Sea of Faith: Islam and Christianity in the Medieval Mediterranean World

Writer: Stephen O’Shea

The history book is about the faiths of Christianity and Islam right from the 6th through the 16th century. In the Mediterranean World these two faiths kept contending for supremacy and at times they were harmonious and at times they were acrimonious. The encounters during the Middle Ages between the two creeds have been described in this history book.

– The Captive Celt (Roman Tales)

Writer: Terry Deary

The story about Caratacus a British resistance leader is one of the most interesting related to the Romans and ancient Britain. Interactions of Caratacus, a historical figure and a Celtic boy have been shown in a central plot of this story which is based on old English history. There are shades of humor, druids and horrible facts of history in this book. The story is exciting and engaging for youngsters.

– Roman Things to make and Do

Writer: Leonie Pratt

This history book contains simple instructions for making different things used during the Roman times, including the curved shields used by the Roman Army, the toga, 3D Roman swords, bangles, cuffs, the Emperor’s wreath, scroll, money bags, the mask of an arty actor, etc. Also provided are printed mosaics to provide engaging activities.

– Persian Fire: The First World Empire and the Battle for the West

Writer: Tom Holland

This history book is about a global superpower of the 5th century, Persia, which was determined to bring order and truth to what it regarded as Sparta and Athens, the two terrorist states. Persia was enriched with men, gold and ambition. The two terrorist states were in a mountainous backwater and poor and eccentric cities. Citizens of these states took on the Persian king and saved themselves. Persian wars have been examined skillfully by the author.

– Boudicca (Famous People, Famous Lives)

Writer: Emma Fischel

This history book is about the Boudicca, her tribes and revolt of the tribes against the Romans. On each page there are appropriate illustrations to depict the story. The book contains text in the right level to suit 8 year old children.

– Lincoln’s Last Days: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

Writer: Bill O’Reilly

This history book is a gripping account of American history’s most dramatic nights. America changed forever after one gunshot. Abraham Lincoln the President travels through Washington in the spring of 1865 and is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth an actor at the Ford Theatre. The case is thrilling with the perpetrators getting swift justice after the fiery shoot out.

– National Geographic Readers: Titanic

Writer: Melissa Stewart

This is an interesting and easy to read history book for kids. It is a book about the Titanic the Olympic class passenger which faced ill-fate on its first journey. The picture has brilliant coverage and photographs. Tragedy of the wreckage has been described in this fascinating book.

– Celts (Usborne Beginners)

Writer: Leonie Pratt

Celts is a history book that captures the colorful nature of Celtic warfare and life. It is a refreshing book and very accessible to young minds especially children who are around seven. The format is simple and the illustrations are attention seeking. Statements are simple and it contains lot that beginners need to know.