A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen – 1879 – 56 – Norwegian

Title: A Doll’s House

Author: Henrik Ibsen

Original language: Norwegian

Translation(s): 56 languages

Context: A Doll’s House (1879) is a translated novel by Henrik Ibsen. It’s a play in 3 acts centering round a simple family including a bank lawyer named Torvald Helmer, his wife Nora Helmer and their three children.


Other works by the Author:

The head of the family is Torvald, his wife is an irresponsible but pretty little woman who flatters him most of the time as he expects it. He treats as a pretty doll that he possesses. On one occasion he chides her badly for spending lots of money on purchasing gifts for Christmas. This was an indication that the Helmers have been taking care of their spending habits since many years.

A number of hard-minded outsiders intrude into this family with one of them threatening Nora that they will expose the fraud she had committed once upon a time without the knowledge of her husband. She had wanted to take a loan to save her husband’s life. When her act was exposed, Torvald gets infuriated and abandons her to save his own reputation in society. Disillusioned with husband whom she considers to be a hollow fraud now, she decides to free herself from him and their children. Nora slams the door of her house behind her as she leaves all them to embark on an independent life on her own.


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Other Works

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