A Gentleman In Moscow By Amor Towles

Title : A Gentleman In Moscow

Author : Amor Towles

Context : A Gentleman In Moscow (2016) is a historical fiction novel by the author Amor Towles. Story of the novel is set in Russia during the 1920s. This is a thrilling novel about an unrepentant aristocrat named Count Alexander Rostov who in 1922, is given an authoritative instruction by the Bolshevik tribunal, to spend the remaining part of his life in a luxury hotel.

Synopsis : The Bolsheviks have just taken power of the Soviet Union in 1922 which was newly formed that time. The novel follows the life of Count for the following three decades while despite the limitations, he ensures to make the most of his life. The novel indeed takes a clever, fun and surprisingly upbeat look at the history of Russia, through the eyes of this single man.

The man is given a house arrest sentence in a grand hotel named Metropol across the street from the Kremlin. The invincible man of wit and intellect, actually has never ever worked in his life for even one single day, but now due to the sentence has to live in the attic room of the hotel, while outside the doors of the hotel, some of the most thunderous decades in the history of Russia are evolving. Unexpectedly he is lead to a much bigger world of emotional discovery despite his reduced circumstances.

This singular novel not only features a glittering cast of characters, brims with humor and renders one scene after the other so beautifully, but the spell it casts, relates to the aristocrat’s venture to attain better understanding of what it means to become a man of purpose.

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