A Rising Man By Abir Mukherjee

Title : A Rising Man

Author : Abir Mukherjee

Context : A Rising Man (2016) is about the new arrival of a former detective named Captain Sam Wyndham, from Scotland Yard. The story is set during the 1900s. After the experiences he had during the Great War, he now is looking towards starting afresh. He has been appointed as head for a new post in the police force. He is hard pressed trying to deal with ghosts that continue to haunt him and hardly has time to adapt to his new life, before he gets entangled in a murder related investigation that is bound to take him into the unpleasant experiences under the British Raj.

Synopsis : Captain Sam Wyndham is desperate for a fresh start in life and arrives in Calcutta to take up an important post in the police force. He is called to a horrifying murder scene. A note is kept in the mouth of a murdered senior British official warning the British to quit India otherwise the consequences would not be good.

With stability of the British Empire endangered and political dissent on the rise, Captain Sam Wyndham, along with two newly appointed colleagues, a conceited Inspector Digby and Indian born, but British educated Sargeant Banerjee undertake an investigation which would later take them to the sleazy opium dens of Calcutta from the luxurious parlors of rich British traders. Together they have to quickly solve the case, but there are others who can go to any extent to stop them. The novel is the beginning of an enticing and atmospheric new series in historical crime.

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