Title: After Nothing Comes

Author: Aidan Koch

Context: Aidan Koch is an author who makes comics about symbols and marks, moments and moods. Memories and dreams are suggested in all the comics are drawn in a haptic and delicate style by the author. Resonate note poems are created by Koch on paper with white paint, pencil smudges, washes of ink and removing traces of drawings. She works on a range of mediums, very often blurring their convention.

Synopsis: Since the dawn of the 2000’s, just like poetry, comics too have had its supporters for quite some time. Comics of Aidan Koch, the polymath artist are marked by her collection as poet laureate of the medium with her stunning draftsmanship and minimalist restraint. Many of which are contained in this collection.

When she evolves through the pages of the book she is seen rendering realistically in using just adequate visual information to convey messages of physical presence of the objects, in the psychological landscape, messages of beauty and memory while inhibiting the desire to connect.

The realization of true friendship comes in quiet moments after continuous rapport of an intoxicating conversation or the roar of a concert. It is only on solidification of this connection, that a person may realize how perfectly the opposite person fits into their day to day life. Just as the energetic and active parts are important, in the same way the moments of reminiscing and contemplation are equally important.

With, After Noting Comes, Aidan Koch clarifies that the quiet moment is where true narrative brilliance is found is where the quiet moment lies. Aidan Koch’s zines spanning from 2008 to 2014 (six years) are comprised in the selection.

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