Ambika Chakrabarty


Ambika Chakrabarty (1892 – March 6, 1962) was a Bengali Indian revolutionary and independence movement activist. He was a Communist Party of India leader and a West Bengal Legislative Assembly member later. He took part in the Surya Sen led Chittagong armoury raid. The most astounding and valiant revolutionary endeavor in the history of freedom struggle in India, was the Chittagong armoury raid in the year 1930. In Chittagong, the whole communication system was destroyed by the revolutionary group which Ambika led on April 18, 1930. In the gunfight with the British army he was injured seriously in Jalalabad.

However he escaped but arrested after a few months from his hideout and given death sentence. Later on the death sentence was changed to transportation for life at the Port Blair Cellular Jail. Ambika joined the Communist Party of India, after the release in 1946.  In the same year he was elected to the Provincial Legislative Assembly in Bengal.  Later on he was elected to the Legislative Assembly in West Bengal (Tollygunge constituency) in 1952 as a candidate of the Communist Party of India. In 1962, Ambika Chakrabarty died in Calcutta in a road accident. He was well known as a revolutionary for his significant contributions in the freedom struggle of India against the British.

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