Analysis of A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

Title: A Passage to India

Author: E.M. Forster

Context: A Passage to India (1924) is a post colonial novel by E.M. Forster. The novel masterfully portrays, a society caught in the clutches of imperialism. Fate of people caught between the great cultural and political conflicts of the modern world are depicted in, ‘A Passage to India’.

Synopsis: The story is about Adela Quested an Englishwoman and Mrs. Moore her elderly companion who arrive at Chandrapore, a town in India. On reaching they find themselves trapped by the towns prejudiced and insular ‘Anglo-Indian’ community. They both are strongly determined to get away from the parochial English enclave so that they can do what they really wish and that is exploring the ‘real India’. They approach a cultivated Indian Muslim the mercurial and charming Dr.Aziz to seek his guidance.

Unfortunately, while they are with Dr.Aziz while exploring the Marabar Caves, an mysterious incident happens. Dr.Aziz the well respected Indian man is accused by Adela Quested of having molested her when they were on an outing.  Dr.Aziz has a number of defenders including a local college principal and the compassionate Cecil Fielding. When the trial takes place, Adela hesitates on the witness takes back the charges. Both Fielding and Aziz go their own ways. However they have a tentative reunion 2 years later.  They separate while riding in the jungle, which symbolizes racial politics which leads to an end in their friendship. Soon Aziz gets involved in a huge scandal leading to aggressive passions amongst the Indian and British subjects. A Passage to India is one of the finest works of E.M. Forster. Colonialism, racism as well as the cerebral life of imagination are the different themes in the novel.

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