Analysis of The Quiet American by Graham Greene

Title: The Quiet American

Author: Graham Greene

Context: The Quiet American (1955) is a post colonial novel by Graham Greene. The novel combines a cautionary story of involvement of the West in Vietnam with a murder mystery. It concerns different relationships between a naïve and quiet CIA operative, Alden Pyle an American, Thomas Fowler the narrator of the story and a world-weary journalist from England.

Synopsis: The story is about a young brash idealist name Pyle who is assigned a secretive assignment to Saigon, by Washington. During that time in Vietnam the Vietminh guerillas the French Army are struggling against each other. Pyle intentionally indulges in a blunder which ends up in bloodshed.  A cynical and seasoned British reporter named Fowler is a silent observer but finds it difficult to stand aside and maintain silence on this.

However his intentions for intervening seem distrustful to both himself as well as the police. The reason behind this is that Pyle has stolen away the charming Vietnamese mistress of Fowler. The novel has been adapted to film twice and remains a prescient and portrays innocence at large in the most prophetic and terrifying manner. The Quiet American is a classic investigation of morality, innocence and love in Vietnam. Doings of the well-intentioned agent of the government of America in Vietnam in the middle of the anti-French uprising there during the early 1950s is chronicled in Graham Greene’s novel, The Quiet American.

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