Anant Laxman Kanhere, born in 1891 in Khed Taluka, a small village in Ratnagiri Distric, Maharashtra, was a brave, determined and tolerant fighter for Indian Independence. In the history of Nashik, Maharashtra, India, one important event in was the murder of Jackson.  Anant shot Collector Jackson in British India, on December 21, 1909. In the revolutionary movement in India, the murder of Jackson by Kanhere was an important event. After completing primary and English education in Nizamabad and Aurangabad, he wrote ‘Mitra Prem’ a novel based on friendship he had developed during that time.

It was after he got in touch with secret revolutionary group members that he gained interest in their work. Anti-British feelings had charged the entire country that time. The Savarkar Brothers had formulated ‘Abhinav Bharat Society’ a revolutionary organization, besides many other smaller revolutionary organizations in Nashik. Anant Laxman Kanhere murdered the British Officer Jackson who was aware of the revolutionary activities of the Indian activists. He was murdered at his own farewell function arranged by the people of Nashik. The 18 year old Anant was prosecuted in the Bombay court and after 4 months after Jackson was killed, he was hanged on April 19, 1910 in the Thane prison.