Andersens Fairy Tales – Hans Christian Andersen – 1835–1852 – 160 – Danish

Title: Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Author: Hans Christian Andersen

Original language: Danish

Translation(s): 160 languages

Context: Andersen’s Fairy Tales is a translation of complete Andersen’s fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen. Lessons of resilience and virtue are presented in the novels in the face of adversity of mature readers and listeners as well. A thought-provoking moral has been conveyed by each of the stories in the book. This makes the stories interesting not just for children but for people of all age groups.

Synopsis: Andersen’s Fairy Tales is a collection of 159 stories which readers from all age groups have appreciated over the years across the world. It contains a number of stories including The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Snow Queen and The Ugly Duckling. No alterations have been done from the original stories and illustrations while illustrating this collection so beautifully by the author.

In the Emperor’s New Clothes, the emperor spends all his money on purchasing new clothing, as he loves having new clothes. In the process he ignores his subjects and kingdom but he taught a hilarious lesson by someone for his materialistic habits. In Snow Queen a wicked sprite made a mirror with power to show everything that was beautiful and magnificent as mean and everything that was good for nothing, poor and mean as beautiful. Some of the most globally popular tales and stories are contained in hardcopy and audio-book format.

Other works by the Author:


1908 – The Wind in the Willows – Children’s Classic

1926 – Winnie-the-Pooh– Children’s Classic

Match Girl – A short story

The Chrysanthemum Robe – A short story

The Nightingale – Lyrical adult fantasy novel

The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf – A contemporary novel about opera and fairy tales

Sparks – A short story

The Pangs of Love – A short story

The Last Poems About the Snow Queen – A poem cycle

The Wild Swans – A novel that brings the author’s fairy tale to modern and colonia America

Steadfast – A short story

In the Witch’s Garden – A short story

Daughter of the Forest – A romantic fantasy novel

You, Little Match Girl – A short story

The Real Princess – A short story

The Sea Hag – A short story

The Steadfast Tin Soldier – A short story

Swim Thru Fire – A comic


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