Ann-Marie MacDonald

Author: Ann-Marie MacDonald

Profile: Ann-Marie MacDonald is a Canadian novelist, playwright, author, broadcast host and actress. She is born at an air force base, in CFB Baden-Soellingen, West Germany. She is the daughter of a Canadian military member. Through her mother, she belongs to the Lebanese descent. The family returned back to Canada in the early sixties to RCAF Centralia where MacDonald began school. In her growing up years, the family moved many times however close ties were maintained by the family with their roots in Cape Breton Island (which was the setting for, Fall On Your Knees, her first novel).

She attended Carleton University, then trained as actor in Montreal at the National Theatre School of Canada and then graduated in 1980. She next delved into vibrant alternative theatre scene and pursued a career in film and television. She has acted in Canadian films and plays and performed and co-created original theatrical work.

Goodnight Desdemona, Fall on Your Knees, The Way the Crow Flies and Adult Onset are some of her most notable works. Alisa Palmer, is her spouse. Presently she resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Writing style: Ann-Marie MacDonald’s work has been highly narrative, hilarious and politically informed. During post-Stonewall LGBT liberation struggles and ‘second wave’ feminism she came of age, reaped benefits from and contributed to the energy that fuelled these movements.

Published Texts:


1983 – This is For You, Anna

1985 – Nancy Drew, The Case of the Missing Mother

1985 – Clue in the Fast Lane

1988 – Goodnight Desdemona

1990 – The Arab’s Mouth

1992 – Nigredo Hotel

1995 – The Attic, the Pearls and Three Fine Girls

2000 – Anything That Moves

2005 – Belle Moral


1996 – Fall on Your Knees

2003 – The Way the Crow Flies

2014 – Adult Onset



1983 – The Wars

1984 – Unfinished Business

1987 – I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing

1989 – Where the Spirit Lives

1990 – Where the Heart Is

1994 – Paint Cans

1996 – Getting Away with Murder

1999 – Better Than Chocolate

2001 – The Girlfriend Interviews (short)

2002 – Interviews with My Next Girlfriend (short)


1981 – Rubberface

1986 – Mafia Princess

1987 – Hot Shots

1987 – Airwolf

1987 – Adderly

1987 – Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

1987 – 1989 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents

1988 – Diamonds

1988 – 1991 –  Rin Tin Tin: K-9 Cop

1990 – Street Legal

1991-1992 – Beyond Reality

1992-1993 – E.N.G.

1993 – Shattered Trust; The Shari Karney Story

1994 – The Babymaker: The Dr.Cecil Jacobson Story

1995 – Due South

1995 – Friends at Last

1996 – Her Desperate Choice

1996 – 2006 – Life and Times

1997 – Too Close to Home

1997 – A Taste of Shakespeare

2003 – The Industry

2003 – The Industry

2004 – The Unsexing of Emma Edmonds

2006 – The L Word

2006 – Slings & Arrows

2009-2015 – Doc Zone

Television (as writer)

1988 – Street Legal

1992 – Beyond Reality

1994 – 1995 – Ready or Not

Awards and Acknowledgements:

1996 – Won the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Fall on Your Knees)

2002 – Fall on Your Knees, selected for Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club

Received the Governor General’s Award for Drama

Received the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award

Received the Canadian Authors Association Drama Award (Goodnight Desdemona)

The CBC documentary series Life and Times for seven seasons, was hosted by MacDonald

MacDonald also hosted CBC’s flagship documentary program, Doc Zone for eight seasons

Ann-Marie MacDonald appeared in the films Better Than Chocolate and I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing among others

2008 – Awarded an honorary doctorate of humanities by the University of Windsor

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