Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid

Title: Annie John

Author: Jamaica Kincaid

Context: Annie John (1985) is a post colonial novel by Jamaica Kincaid. The novel is a provocative and haunting tale about a young girl who spends her growing up years at Antigua, an island. It is a coming-of-age story focusing on the loss of childhood besides a tragic, universal and mainly the comic theme.

Synopsis: Annie is the lovable only child of her beautiful mother. Annie has all the while lived a blissful life. For Annie, the very centre of her existence is the powerful existence of her charming mother. Annie thrives and grows up under the shadow and protection of her mother. When Annie reflects back, she feels that life then was indeed a paradise.

Annie’s life undergoes a change when she becomes twelve years old. She finds the changes mysterious to her, very often. Many questions come up in her mind, like the cultural assumptions the island world follows and she no adheres to the authorities at school. For her mother, the most frightening thing was when she discontinues be the unconditional source of love for Annie. Instead she takes on an unknown and new guise of an enemy. On completing education at school, Annie plans to part with her family and Antigua, especially for her mother (she knew once) who continues to mourn. When Annie reflects, she states that is finds it difficult to tell whether it was her actually her mother and when it was her shadow standing between the rest of the world and Annie.

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