Anuj Dhar

Author: Anuj Dhar

Profile: Anuj Dhar is an Indian author and has been a former journalist. Anuj Dhar is born in New Delhi and completed his education at the University of Delhi.  Anuj Dhar is the leading authority on Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s life.

Dhar refutes the air crash in Taiwan theory and claims that after the crash Bose escaped to the Soviet Union. Bose later lived as a hermit in Uttar Pradesh India till 1985 as Gumnami Baba.

Relevant material was not located by the Mukherjee commission in the KGB archives. The Mukherjee Commission rebunked the claims and in light of a profiling DNA test rejected any kind of link between the two. He claims that as part of a broader conspiracy, Bose was declared as dead by the accursed Congress successive governments.

Emails were received by Dhar in 2005 from the Government of Taiwan that during the period of 14th August to 25th October 1945, no records about a plane crash were available at the old Matsuyama Airport (presently the Taipei Domestic Airport).  The analysis was rejected by Sujata Bose, the historian, in the light of the fact that the Japanese had occupied the airport and region till 1946 besides which the Taiwanese government consolidated itself finally around only 1949.


Writing style: Many books have been published by him, focussing on the Subhas Chandra Bose’s death that propounds theories of conspiracy about his living for many years ever after the plane crash was propounded. Several books of Anuj Dhar contradict the present scholarly consensus that Bose died in a plane crash.

Published Texts:

2005 – Back from Dead: Inside the Subhas Bose Mystery

2008 – CIA’s Eye on South Asia

2012 – India’s Biggest Cover-up

2013 – No Secrets

2019 – Conundrum (along with co-author Chandrachur Ghose)

Awards and Acknowledgements:

Anuj Dhar is the founder-trustee of Mission Netaji (a not for profit organisation that campaigns for the campaigns for document declassification of Subhash Chandra Bose.


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