Are you looking for ways of passing the IGCSE exam?

Are you looking for ways of passing the IGCSE exam?

Are you looking for ways of passing the IGCSE exam? If yes, there are simple and easy to follow methods to pass your exam.

What is IGCSE? United Kingdom and many of the surrounding regions use this test which has the same level as America’s high school GED. Most people think that being a nerd, completing all homework or being the teacher’s favorite can help top the test, but actually this is isn’t the case. To pass and get the best grades possible, a good idea is to take advantage of some tips and guidance available.

StepsLong Term Strategy For Studying

Avoid thinking short term. Just listening to the teacher, completing your work and working consistently, is kind of old school. Think long term now. Through the year it is possible to also have fun, enjoy and relax, if a long term strategy is adopted. Remember in the IGCSE exam, it is the board exam that matters, so no need to impress teachers or work your butt off for examinations held internally in the school.

Use Time Wisely

During vacations and holidays, you will get ample time for studying. By exam time you will be ready with an ongoing and steady state of learning. Last minute studying will only lead to panic. During holidays you will be more relaxed, have more time and remain better focused to study. Leaving things until the end, will result in stress, only.

Be Consistent In Completing Homework

During the year, complete your homework consistently. While doing the homework, test your knowledge on every subject. For revision you can also have a look back at it.

Be A Voracious Reader

Read your textbooks every week during the weekend. Take up any one subject one day and go through several chapters in it. However avoid reading the same subjects again and again as this will lead to unnecessary time wastage.

Ensure Good Grades

Achieving good grades right from A-star to C should be your goal. Getting lower grades than this means you have failed.

Advanced Preparation Is A Must

The timetable for studying should be planned out well. Preparation for the exam should begin well before the final exam. Deeper revision and learning in earnest is essential at least around six months in advance. Then give yourself three months exclusively for revision purposes. Everyone would like to enjoy and have fun, but you need to give up 90 percent of this and dedicate more time to studies. This sort of planning is sure to have a positive impact for the long term. To achieve the best outcome, put in all your dedication on a long term basis.

Strategies For Studying

Specific strategies need to be chalked out for studying. Listen carefully to whatever the teacher teaches all through the year. This is helpful in information retention and you draw on later whenever needed, just in case you are not able to recollect the contents of certain topics. This way by the time the board exams arrive, you will be well prepared to take the test.