Arleen Pare

Author: Arleen Pare

Profile: Arleen Lyda Pare better known as Arleen Pare is a Canadian writer. She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His most notable works are Paper Trail and Lake of Two Mountains. Two novels and three poetry collections have been published by her till date. Arleen Pare is a lesbian.

Arleen Pare is from Montreal originally and completed her education in adult education and social work. She has received graduate degrees in Creative Writing (Poetry), Adult Education and Social Work.

During a major part of her professional career she worked in social services in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later on she discontinued with her job in the social services sector and studied creative writing at the University of Victoria. In 2007 she published, Paper Trail, her first book which is a blend of prose and poetry. The book is about a businesswoman finding herself discouraged by the pressure of corporate bureaucracy. She has also served on the board of Plentitude magazine. She resides in Victoria presently where she lives with Chris Fox, her partner. Arleen has two adult sons.

Writing style: Arleen Pare had a great sense of color and style always. Her writing was clear and honest to the core. She had artistic interests. In fact it is in part a reaction to the early years within her family where she experienced clouded communication. The incandescent happiness of finding the perfect phrase or word is what drove her as a writer.

Published Texts:


2007 – Paper Trail

2012 – Leaving Now

2014 – Lake of Two Mountains

2017 – The Girls with Stone Faces

Awards and Acknowledgements:

2008 – Shortlisted nominee for the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize (Paper Trail)

2008 – Won the City of Victoria Butler Book Award (Paper Trail)

2014 – Won the Governor General’s Award for English-language poetry at the 2014 Governor General’s Awards (Lake of Two Mountains)

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