Arthur Rimbaud

Author: Arthur Rimbaud

Profile: Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud better known as Arthur Rimbaud was a French poet and trader. He was born in Charleville, France and died in Marseille, France. He has been the pioneer of the Symbolism Literary Movement. At a very young age he began writing and excelled as a student. However during his teenage years he gave up formal education, escaped from home and reached Paris amidst the Franco-Prussian War. The bulk of literary output was produced by him during his early adulthood and late adolescence. After assembling Illuminations, his last major work, at the age of 20 years he discontinued literature writing.

Arthur Rimbaud is known to be a restless soul, a philanderer, involved in romantic and times violent romantic relationship with Paul Verlaine, his fellow poet which continued for just 24 months. As an explorer and merchant, he indulged in extensive travelling after his retirement till the time of his death from cancer at a young age of just 37 years. As a young child Arthur did not like school studies as well as constant supervision of his mother. His mother would even walk her two kids including Arthur home, from school. By the age of 15 years Arthur indicated his maturity as a poet.

Writing style: Arthur Rimbaud is well known for his influence on arts and literature and prefiguring surrealism. He has made significant contributions to symbolism besides other works, the precursor to modernist literature, ‘A Season in Hell’.

Published Texts:

Works published before 1891

1869 – Les Etrennes des orphelins

1870 – Premiere soiree

1870 – Le reve de Bismarck

1870 – Le Dormeur du val (The Sleeper in the Valley)

1884 – Le Bateau ivre

1872 – Les corbeaux

1872 – Qu’est-ce pour nous mon coeur

1873 – Une Saison en Enfer

1875 – Illuminations

1883 – Rapport sur I’Ogadine

Posthumous works

1897 – Le Soleil etait encore chaud

1870 – Lettre de Chrles d’Orleans a Louis XI

1870 – Un coeur sous une soutane

1891 – Reliquaire – Poesies

1893 – Poesies completes

1871 – Les mains de Marie-Jeanne

1871 – Lettres du Voyant

1871 – Album Zutique

1871 – Les Deserts de I’amour

1873 – Proses evangeliques

1891 – Lettres de Jean-Arthur Rimbaud – Egypte, Arabie, Ethiopie

Awards and Acknowledgements:

1870 – Won the first prize at the Concours Academique for a Latin poem

1870 – His first published poem appeared in La Revue pour Tous