As Meat Loves Salt By Maria Mccann

Title :As Meat Loves Salt

Author :Maria Mccann

Context : As Meat Loves Salt is a historical fiction novel, a darkly erotic story of obsession and passion by Maria Mccann. The novel is set during the 1600s in the seventeenth century in England when the English Revolution is under way. The novel is a gripping portrait of England, plagued by war. The story is also about a moving portrait of a man on the verge of madness.

Synopsis: Jacob is an educated manservant in the household of a loyalist. He is frightened to be identified as a murderer of a boy in the locality. On his own wedding feast, Jacob has no choice but to flee, dragging along with him, his wife as well. While he goes ahead trying to wreak havoc in other people’s lives, he does this mainly on his own fortunes. This was the time when England was seething with political and religious discontent it erupts into terror and violence. After the fighting is over, Jacob Cullen along with his fellow soldiers dream of rebuilding their lives again. However they are overtaken by shocking events of the war.

Jacob, the intermittently violent and brooding young man, who does not know himself, narrates the story, ‘As Meat Loves Salt’. In flight from a short disastrous marriage and murder, he joins the New Model Army of Cromwell. From Cromwell, he and Ferris, his new friend, both together go AWOL in time. Half way through the novel, the narrator Jacob realizes that the tension both Ferris and he have between them is sexual and initiate a sizzling affair. ‘Gay’ in those days only meant ‘happy’; the modern sexual connotations had not been ascribed to it yet. Homosexuality was considered to be a hanging offense. The unruly and passionate relationship between Ferris and Jacob results in calamity.

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