Atonement – Ian McEwan – 2001 – 42 – English

Atonement – Ian McEwan – 2001 – 42 – English

Title: Atonement

Author: Ian McEwan

Original language: English

Translation(s): 42 languages

Context: Atonement (2001) is a translated symphonic novel by Ian McEwan. The novel is about forgiveness and guilt, class and childhood, war and love. It offers all the required gratification of a noteworthy narrative and the encouragement, the reader looks for from Ian McEwan the English prose master.

Synopsis: The story is about Briony Tallis a thirteen year old who is witness to a flirtatious moment of sexual tension between a servant’s son, Robbie Turner and Cecilia, her elder sister, in the year 1935 on a hot day in summer. Briony does not have proper grasp of motives of an adult. As a result her precocious imagination leads to a crime that would completely alter the lives of everyone.

Other works by the Author: The novel Atonement follows the aftermath of this crime through the mass murder and chaos of World War II and into the end of the twentieth century. Leon, her adorable elder brother is going to arrive home. In celebration, Briony Tallis pens down a play and directs her 3 cousins to play their role in it. Ideally, life of the children should be having an interwar setting, upper middle class however, more than her self-penned play Briony is soon enraptured by events in real life.

Cecilia’s father had been looking after educational expenses of Robbie Turner. Briony assumes that Robbie has forced Cecilia into a sexual session. He declares his lust for Cecilia through a letter to Briony after which she confirms that Robbie is an evil beast. Lola, a cousin of Briony is attacked mysteriously by someone but Robbie is targeted as culprit by the Briony. He is arrested and put into jail. Cecilia cannot get over Robbie’s arrest, refuses to talk to Briony and leaves for London to become a nurse.


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