Author Profile: C.J. Tudor

Author Profile:   C.J. Tudor is a British author.

Name: C.J. Tudor


2018 – The Chalk Man: A novel

2019 – The Hiding Place: A novel

2020 – The Other People

2021 – The Burning Girls (in process)

Background: C.J.Tudor was born in 1972 in Salisbury, United Kingdom. She is 48 years old. She spent her growing years in Nottingham, where she still resides. She has worked in the capacity of voice-over-artist, copywriter, presenter on television and dog walker as well over the years. Being a full-time writer is a thrilling experience for C.J. Tudor. However she states she does not miss chasing wet dogs across muddy fields too much. Presently she lives with her partner and daughter, in Nottingham, England.

Genre: C.J. Tudor’s genre includes writing novels on thriller, suspense, mystery, psychological fiction and psychological thriller.

Literary Contributions: The Chalk Man received the Barry Award for Best First Novel in 2019. C.J. Tudor has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Debut Goodreads Author. C. J. Tudor has won the Strand Magazine Award for Best Debut Novel and the International Thriller Writers Award for Best First Novel as author of ‘The Hiding Place’ and ‘The Chalk Man’.

Unique Stylistic Features: In the novel, The Chalk Man, the narrator Eddie Adams is a twelve year old who enjoys using a secret code of chalk figures to communicate with his friends. Later a body of a girl, severed of limbs is discovered in the woods lead by series of anonymous drawings. Three decades later an old friend visits Eddie. Eddie receives a drawing of a noosed stick-man by post. C.J. Tudor’s novel is packed with menace very much in the style of Stephen King.

C.J.Tudor’s novel The Chalk Man was published by Crown Publishing in January 2018 with received mixed reviews. According to reviews of The Sunday Daily, Eddie’s first novel weaves a captivating and complex story.  The book is commented as containing a creepy and intriguing premise which after a series of improbable plot twists, starts falling apart.

With regards to her novel The Chalk Man, C.J.Tudor was inspired by the chalk figures she drew in the driveway along with her daughter, which scared her in the dark, later on. C.J.Tudor admits that she also fears, rollercoasters, zombies, make-up, flying, heights, high-heels, dolls, semicolons and a lot more. C.J. Tudor states that as she has a young daughter, she always feels terrified about natural disasters and other things that could happen to her. She states it’s a phase in which the world is fluctuating between crippling terror and absolute wonder constantly.

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