Diane Williams

Author Profile:   Diane Williams is an American author, primarily of short stories.

Name: Diane Williams


2004 – Noon

2016 – Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine

2018 – The Collected Stories of Diane Williams

2012 – Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty

1998 – Excitability

Background: Diane Williams was born in the year 1946. She is 74 years old. Diane Williams lives in New York City. Diane Williams taught at The Centre for Fiction in New York City and at Bard College, Syracuse University.

Diane Williams is editor and founder of the NOON, the literary annual. She has authored nine books including The Collected Stories of Diane Williams which was published in 2018 by Soho Press.

Genre: Diane Williams is an editor and short stories writer. To get the point in her stories, the reader does not have to read all the three hundred and five stories as she can do more with just two sentences as compared to other writers who do with two hundred or more pages. The author always is on the lookout to stun, in something near the literal sense of the word.

Literary Contributions: Diane Williams has been referred to as ‘the godmother of flash fiction, in The Paris Review. She has been nominated for the Otherwise Award.

Unique Stylistic Features: In 2018, The New York Times, featured a profile of Diane Williams coinciding with the publication of The Collected Stories of Diane Williams. Her work has been described as stubbornly experimental, elegant and erudite by Rumaan Alam. An omnibus collection for any writer is truly an achievement as in the case of Diane Williams.

Her collection of works has also featured in The New York Review of Books where here stories have been described as first to court laughter and later the long-accumulated tears and retrospect, tears of regret for lost opportunities, tears of despair for strangeness, for people mislaid and the separateness that intimacy reveals and fails to overcome. What most writers can do with two hundred pages, Diane Williams does in just two sentences.

In story collections like ‘Excitability, Diane Williams’ stories are as far out on the cutting edge as you can get. She has been called as ‘a double-agent in the house of fiction’ by The New York Times, at one time. She deliberately abstains just about every other narrative convention and chronology, but still, power resonates in her stories on a almost eerie and deep level, evoking the inner life..

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