Author Profile: Hamish Steele

Author Profile:   Hamish Steele is an illustrator, comic book artist and freelance animation director.

Name: Hamish Steele


2013 – Missing Persons: The Adventures of Bernice Summerfield

2015 – Iris Wild Thyme Reloaded

2017 – Pantheon: The True story of Egyptian deities (first graphic novel)

2018 – DeadEndia: The Watcher’s Test Book 1

2019 – DeadEndia: The Broken Halo Book 2

Background: Hamish Steele is based in London. He completed his graduation in 2013 with a First Class from Kingston University. Right from completing graduation he has worked for Big Finish, Blink!Ink, the BBC, BOOM! Studios, Frederator Studios, Random House and Nickelodeon. Hamish Steele really likes crocodiles and he dreams to meet one some day.

Genre: Hamish Steele’s work reflects his energy and humour. His works include strong friendship, lots of LGBTQISA representation, complicated emotions and demons. He proves to be a total win with his bold and bright illustrations and great writing, states the Guardian on Hamish Steele.

Literary Contributions: Hamish Steele is winner of the Eisner Award. Pantheon his debut novel was self published after a Kickstarter campaign before it was picked up by NoBrow. The novel is a savage take on Egyptian myth. DeadEndia: The Watcher’s Test revolves around the a house genuinely haunted and three workers working in an amusement park.

He directed Dead End a short, for Frederator Studio’s Cartoon Hangover after which he directed 2 films for Nickelodeon’s International Shorts Program. For the second he collaborated with Blink Industries who now represent him.

Unique Stylistic Features: Hamish Steele is described as bawdy, savage, uproariously funny and irreverent by the Guardian.
By night he is a comic creator who has both published and self published, through Nobrow Press. By day he is director signed with Blink Industries who has developed animated shows with Cartoon Hangover, Nickelodeon, the BBC and Netflix.

His filmography work includes The Story of Britain (2014 TV series animator), Dead End (2014 TV short, animator director, character designer and storyboard artist), A Cat Online (2010 Short film– animator), The Tall Tales of Urchin (2016 short film), Dead End (2014 TV short film, writer and creator), The Tall Tales of Urchin 2016 – short film, announcer) and Dead End (2014 – TV short film creative consultant). Hamish Steele has also written Big Dig – the audio story in which he starred as Digger. Later on he wrote The Slots of Giza. For the boxset he did the cover art in which the Wildthyme story was included.

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