Author Profile: Joseph Knox

Author Profile: Joseph Knox is a popular author and bookseller from England.

Name: Joseph Knox


2017 – Sirens

2018 – The Smiling Man

2019 – The Sleepwalker

Background: Joseph Knox was born and brought up in and around Manchester and Stoke. Before moving to London he worked in bookshops and bars. Joseph compulsively writes, reads and runs. Presently he works and lives in London.

Genre: Joseph Knox’s specialty is crime fiction. He likes to write suspense, thrillers, mystery and crime fiction. During his writing career, he has written a number of bestselling standalone novels which belong to the crime fiction genre.

Literary Contributions: Joseph Knox’s book, Sirens has been nominated in 2017m for the Dagger Awards for best book. The Times has described Sirens, is electrifying debut as a hypnotic reading, which the reader plunges headlong into the underbelly of the urban sprawl in Manchester. Knox draws his experience from bars of the city where he worked blended with his voracious hunger for writing the finest fiction in crime. Joseph Knox offers a trousseau of criminal delights for his readers by selecting something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed.

Unique Stylistic Features: Sirens, the debut novel and bestseller of Joseph Knox is a pervasive slice of urban noir presenting Aidan Waits, a discredited detective from Manchester. After he robs drugs from the evidence room and blots his copybook, he is has no choice but to go undercover. He lands himself in a world filled with corrupt politicians and merciless drug barons. His next novel, Smiling Man proves to be an equally uncompromising and vivid follow-up of the classic series.

Joseph Knox was inspired into writing The Smiling Man with a real case of a man who travelled by unknown means in a small town to Australia. He was found dead in bewildering circumstances 1948 with suspected poisoning and with no evidence or explanations about his death.

In the DC Aidan Waits series, The Sleepwalker is the third book of Joseph Knox. The Sleepwalker was originally published on 11th July 2019. It falls under the genre of suspense, adventure fiction, mystery, legal thriller, psychological thriller, urban fiction and thriller.  Aidan Waits the detective waits to extract information from the mass murderer in the ward of an abandoned hospital, before he passes away. The murderer’s final victim, Martin Wicks with nickname The Sleepwalker was a prisoner for more than ten years for a shocking crime he committed. The last words whispered by Wicks, sends Aidan into a journey into the heart of darkness.

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