Michael Kimball

Author Profile:  Michael Kimball is a novelist from the United States.

Name: Michael Kimball


2000 – Eine Familie Verschwindet

2005 – How Much of Us There Was

2008 – Dear Everybody

2013 – Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story

2019 – Big Ray

Background: Michael Kimball was born on 1st February 1977 in Lansing, Michigan, United States. . He resides in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. He completed his education at New York University, Michigan State University, Waverly High School.

Genre: Michael Kimball’s genre is literary fiction. His books have been translated in a number of languages. Michael appears to almost attract a huge audience he rightly deserves, in the U.S.

Literary Contributions: Michael Kimball’s literature work has been highlighted and appreciated in the Michigan Writers Series at Michigan State University.  The New York Foundation has offered him a grant for the Arts, a Boswell and Johnson Award as well as the Lidano Fiction Prize.

Kimball is called ‘a hero of contemporary fiction’ by Sam Lipsyte, the author of Venus Drive, The Subject Steve and Home Land.

Two documentaries, 60 Writers/60 Places (2010) and I will Smash You (2009) are the two documentaries, Kimball has produced while working with Luca Dipierro.

The collaborative art project called ‘Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard)’ is accredited to Kimball. The project is performed at festivals and has been covered in The Guardian.

Unique Stylistic Features: The founding editor of Taint Magazine is Michael Kimball. He has authored, Big Ray (2012), Dear Everybody (2008), How Much of Us There Was (2005) which was released in 2011 at Us in the United States and The Way The Family Got Away (2000). The book ‘Words’ (2010) has also been published by Michael Kimball under the Andy Devine conceptual pen name.

Big Ray, is Michael’s powerful novel. A disparaging father’s death is resolutely portrayed in the book. Death of the father is still mourned by the narrator. The book proves to be a transformative read. Simple deceptive language is used by Kimball while writing Big Ray.

The Way the Family Got Away, the first novel is a about a family in which an infant is dying. The story told from the perspective of the girl and boy who are surviving takes the readers on an emotional journey across the landscape in America on how a materialistic society makes life impossible for some. The novel is called ‘clever and moving’ by The Times.

The novel, ‘The Way’ has been translated into Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Hebrew.

Many literary magazines namely Post Road and Gigantic (magazine), Prairie Schooner and Open City, feature his short fiction work.