Author Profile: Nina Allan

Author Profile:   Nina Allan is a British writer of speculative fiction.

Name: Nina Allan


2013 – Spin

2017 – The Rift

2011 – The Silver Wind

2014 – The Race

2019 – The Dollmaker

Background: Nina Allan was born on 27th May 1966 in Whitechapel, in the East End of London, United Kingdom. She is 53 years old. Christopher Priest is her partner. She spent many of her growing years in West Sussex and in the Midlands. She resided in North Devon’s Taw Valley area then however now she lives on Isle of Bute.

Nina Allan studied literature and the Russian language at the University of Exeter and the University of Reading. She completed the MLitt at Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

She worked for an independent chain of record stores, as buyer located at Exeter, after leaving Oxford. Later on she worked in London as a bookseller.

Genre: Nina Allan’s genre is Speculative Fiction

Literary Contributions: Nina Allan has been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette and Prix Prix Médicis étranger. Nina Allan has won the Aeon Award 2007, BSFA Best Short Fiction 2013, Grand Prix de L’lmaginaire 204 and the Novella Award 2015.

Nina Allan’s stories have featured in magazines like Crimewave, Black Static and Interzone. The stories have been won and been nominated for a number of awards including the British Science Fiction Association Award and the Grand Prix de I’lmaginaire.

In 2002 her very first story was published in Dark Horizons which is the British Fantasy Society Journal. ‘Nina Allan’s Time Pieces’ is her column which appears in Interzone. The Silver Wind and the Harlequin are two of her most notable story works.

Unique Stylistic Features: Nina Allan has published two novels, a novella and four collections of short stories.

The Race is Nina Allan’s debut in 2014. The Race has been put together from 4 linked novellas, vulnerable, featured fractured characters in a near-future England.

The Rift (2017) is a narrative shifting between the alien world of Tristane and contemporary Britain, which explores themes of guilt, alienation and loss. Both the mundane and fantastic are fused together by her literary sensibility to the greatest effect.

Nina Allan is of the belief that most of her short fiction till date has been, ‘a kind of apprenticeship in novel-writing’. She wrote her first novel ‘The Race’ when she was living in the town of Hastings, for most of the time. She has made use of landscape of the town of Hastings in her writings.

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