Author Profile:  Pamela Erens is an American writer.

Name: Pamela Erens


1974 – The Sink

1977 – Fight for Freedom

2007 – The Understory

2013 – The Virgins

2016 – Eleven Hours

Background: She was born in the United States. She spent her younger years in Chicago. Her father was an attorney and Patricia her mother was a lecturer at the Rosary College. She completed her education at the Latin School of Chicago, Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University. Pamela Erens has been a fellow at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference and at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference. She has also been the editor of Glamour magazine for many years. She resides presently in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Genre: Pamela Erens genre is Literature & Fiction, Influences Any readers who is fortunate to pick any of Pamela Erens novels, is sure to become her fan. The characters of her novels be it the ‘The Understory’ – about a loner at the end of a rope or ‘The Virgins’ – about teenagers at the boarding school, they are a kind of gift Erens gives readers a company to desire for.

Literary Contributions: Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of ’23 Contemporary Writers You Should Have Read By Now’ which features Pamela Erens’s name also. Her book The Understory (2007) was a finalist in the fiction category for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing.

Unique Stylistic Features: Three critically acclaimed novels have been written by Pamela Erens. The Understory (2007) is her debut novel.

The Virgins (2013) her second novel has received laurels from a range of sources including The New Yorker and Vanity Fair and The New York Times. The novel was a John Gardner Fiction Book Award finalist. Eleven Hours published in May 2016 is her latest novel and has been named by the Kirkus, NPR and The New Yorker as the Best Book of 2016. Eleven Hours is a story about an experience that is intensely painful but at the same time for the reader it proves to be an intense pleasure to read.

Critical articles and essays have been written by Erens for a number of publications like the Lost Angeles Review of Books, The New York Times, Virginia Quarterly Review, Elle and Vogue.

At a tender age of ten she wrote her novel Fight for Freedom: A Slave Girl’s Escape; and published it at the age of fourteen. The novel is about a Arkansas slave girl’s escaping along with Harriet Tubman to the North.