Author Profile: Patricia Lockwood

Author Profile Patricia Lockwood is an American poet and essayist.

Name: Patricia Lockwood


2004 to 2011 – A number of poems by Patricia Lockwood started appearing widely in magazines including Poetry, The New Yorker and the London Review of Books.

2012 – Balloon Pop Outlaw Black (first poetry collection published by small press Octopus Books)

2013 – Rape Joke (prose poem, published by general interest website The Awl)

2014 – Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals (second poetry collection – published by Penguin Books)

Background: Patricia Lockwood was born on 27th April 1982 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. She is 38 years old. Her parents are Karen Lockwood and Greg Lockwood and Jason Kendall is her husband. Patricia. Patricia grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to parochial schools in Ohio but did not study in college. She experienced depression during her teenage years. At 21 years of age she married. Most of her adult life were spent in Proustian attitude. She used her desk-bed, writing for hours together. She has been working as contributing editor for The London Review of Books since 2019. In 2021 her very first novel from Riverhead Books is expected to be released.

Genre: Well known for her often silly and filthy verse already Patricia Lockwood gained instant fame with Priestdaddy. The book centred around a Catholic priest, her father, having five children and also had a penchant for prog rock, guns and cream liqueur. A new voice dazzled through Priestdaddy, which flourished in a longer form. Her poetry is considered to be brilliantly bizarre.

Literary Contributions: Lockwood has been nominated the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Poetry. Balloon Pop Outlaw Black a best seller, was included by Pitchfork and The New Yorker in the end-of-the years lists. Rape Joke won the Pushcart prize, was declared world famous by The Poetry Foundation and was selected for The Best American Poetry series for the 2014 edition.  Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals was included in the New York Times as a Notable Book and in the 2014 Hot List of Rolling Stone. Priestdaddy was named by The New York Times as one of the 10 best books of 2017 and also included in The Times in 2019 as ‘The 50 Best Memoirs of the past 50 Years’.

Unique Stylistic Features: Patricia Lockwood’s work involves purposeful comedy and fine thinking. Elements of literary and cultural criticism with gonzo journalism are combined in her non-fiction work.