Author Profile: Paul John Ferris

Author Profile:   Paul John Ferris is a Scottish author and writer.

Name: Paul John Ferris


2001 – The Ferris Conspiracy (12th March 2001, with Reg Mckay)

2002 – Deadly Divisions: The Spectre Chronicles (8th April 2002, with Reg McKay)

2005 – Vendetta: Turning Your Back on Crime Can Be Deadly (October 2005 with Reg McKay)

2006 – Villains: It takes One to Know One (1st October 2006 with Reg McKay)

Background: Paul John Ferris was born on 10th November 1963 in Blackhill, Glasgow, United Kingdom. He is 56 years of age. Billy Ferris, Cath Ferris and Carol Ferris are his siblings. He is married to Carolyn Ferris. Paul John Ferris was a figure in organized crime. During the early 1980s he was a criminal employed by Glasgow ‘Godfather’ Arthur Thompson, an underworld figure in Glasgow. Paul Ferris was known well for his extreme violence and ruthlessness. He attained a prominent position in the criminal underworld of the city.

Again from the year 1998 to 2002, Paul Ferris was put in prison for having explosives in his possession and for trading in firearms. Besides this, Ferris was also involved also with Tam McGraw in a long-running dispute.

Paul Ferris has been associated with the security industry. After being released from prison Paul Ferris started a company called Frontline Security, however it faced criticism in January 2004 for various reasons.

Paul Ferris was born to a Catholic mother and a Protestant father and brought up as a Catholic. Of the 6 children, Ferris was the youngest. The Welshes, a criminal family in the locality bullied him for many years. He developed psoriasis a skin disorder as a result, it is believed.

Genre: Paul Ferris’s books are based mainly on crime, extreme ruthlessness and violence, experiences which he faced during his lifetime.

Literary Contributions: When Paul Ferris was in prison, his very first book was published. After his release from prison he wrote 3 more books based on crime.

Unique Stylistic Features: In 1984 Paul Ferris was sentenced for possessing weapons. He was of the belief that the Thompsons had betrayed him. Arthur Jr., the son of Thompson was shot dead in 1991 and Paul Ferris was charged with this murder. In Scottish history, one of the longest criminal trials was the trial related to Arthur Jr’s murder in which Paul Ferris was not found guilty subsequently. He produced a film named The Wee Man.