Author Profile: Sabri Louatah

Author Profile:   Sabri Louatah is a French writer.

Name: Sabri Louatah


2006 – Ce Soir (ou jamais!)

2008 – La grande librairie

2011 – Savages: The Wedding (movie)

2018 – Savages 2: The Spectre

2018 – The Spectre

Background: Sabri Louatah was born on 25th September 1983 in Saint-Etienne, France. He is 36 years old. Born in France he now resides in Philadelphia. Sabri Louatah grew up in the Kabyle region of Algeria, a coal mining city. He belonged to a French family with roots in the Kabyle region and lived in social housing there.

In the year 2005, riots broke out in France. During that time Sabri Louatah did a lot of reading and felt inspired on reading Demons by Dostoyevsky at the same time pondering on nihilism and rage. With this inspiration, he wrote his first novel Savages: The Wedding.

Genre: Sabri Louatah’s genre is fiction. His work in the novel Savages: The Wedding is a captivating hybrid of socio-political thriller and family saga, thus proving to be complex, sharp-edged and exhilarating all at the same time.

Literary Contributions: Savages: The Wedding published in 2011 was an immediate bestseller. It won unanimous praise from the French Press. Literary prizes have been won and TV rights sold, for this novel. Being a young writer in his late 20’s Sabri Louatah has been able to make his mark in the world of literature work.

Unique Stylistic Features: In 2005 the suburb areas of France were torn by the riots. The unresolved anger of the riots that he had observed during the year zero of contemporary France is seen in his part political thriller and part family saga in his Saint-Etienne quartet.

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In his native France, Savages: The Wedding was the bestseller and first novel in the Saint-Etienne Quartet. The story revolves around the eve of election of the President. It appears as if Idder Chaouch is to about to become the first Algerian premier. Based on fraternity, equality and liberty, a promise of a post-racial society is held by the ‘French Obama’ for some, however not everyone is in agreement.

In fact it is a thrilling treatment of politics and race in France. In the opening volume of the this additive series in four parts, tension trips at a family gathering on the eve of election of the first Arab President in France. The author holds up a mirror to France in its modern day times. The brutal, yet clever and funny novel is about a working class family in Saint-Etienne, of Algerian descent caught up during the election time.