Author Profile: Stefan Mohamed

Author Profile:   Stefan Mohamed is an author, poet as well as journalist.

Name: Stefan Mohamed


2015 – Bitter Sixteen

2015 – Operation Three Wise Men

2016 – Ace of Spiders

2017 – Stanly’s Ghost

2018 – Falling Leaves

Background: Stefan Mohamed was born in 1988 in Kingston-upon-Thames. He spent a major part of his childhood in Powys, Wales. Stefan Mohamed is 32 years old. In 2010 he graduated with a first class degree in film studies and creative writing, from Kingston University. He resides in Bristol and works as an Editorial Assistant. In his spare time he performs poetry and writes stories. Stefan is a performing poet. In 2016, his first poetry collection was published.

Genre: Stefan Mohamed belonging to both Sri Lankan and Jewish heritage, grew up in the rural areas of Wales. While getting into the scrapes in the countryside, slightly out-of-place characters are dealt with in his fiction.

Literary Contributions: Stefan Mohamed won the unpublished writer’s category of the Dylan Thomas Prize, the inaugural Sony Reader Award, later on for his novel, Bitter Sixteen.

Unique Stylistic Features:

Stuff, Stefan Mohamed’s debut novel Bitter Sixteen, was published in November 2014 by Salt Publishing on the Modern Dreams e-book list. Bitter Sixteen was the first volume of a trilogy that featured the apocalypse, superheroes, monsters and talking dogs all expressed refreshingly in a deadpan, flip style. This first volume follows the fortunes of Stanly Bird who finds himself possessing telekinesis, superpowers and the capabilities of flying. Wittily, this volume delineates pop and youth culture. Stefan’s fourth novel is, Falling Leaves.

Probably the coolest superhero sidekick in the world, a talking beagle named Daryl, features in his debut full length novel, Bitter Sixteen. Salt, published the novel with sequels Ace of Spiders and Stanly’s Ghost following at yearly intervals.

Ace of Spiders, is the second in the Bitter Sixteen trilogy, which seethes with as much heart, down to earth humour, razor-sharp dialogues and sci-fi references, as in the first in the series. It is one of the finest modern takes on the superhero genre, out there. Interest age of the book is 12 years age onwards.

Stanly’s Ghost published by Salt Publishing caters to age group 12 years plus. In the Bitter Sixteen trilogy, it is the third and final book that concludes the adventures of Stanly Ghost a reluctant Welsh superhero. For the second time, Stanly is brought back to fight the evil Angel group however a lot has changed while he has been gone, in Stanly’s Ghost.

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