Author Profile: Tristan Palmgren is a US writer who has also been a university lecturer, clerk, a cashier, a factory technician, a retail manager, a secretary and a assistant to a rural coroner.

Name: Tristan Palmgren


2018 – Quietus

2018 – Terminus

Background: Tristan Palmgren lives in Columbia, Missouri along with Teresa, his wife. Tristan Palmgren resides on parallel Earths. He has a lot more careers to his credit. He has been a professional con-artist impersonator, an ant farm tycoon, a laser pointer chaser and a funeral home enthusiast. Somehow he landed a trademark for the word ‘Avuncular’ – Jealous.

Genre: Science fiction gives him the freedom to look at things from a nakedly modern perspective and write about historical events. The novel Quietus gave him the chance to foreground the limitation of reading historical fiction that one can never divest to that perspective. In the process, his writings are able to draw attention to the problems it causes.

Literary Contributions: Tristan Palmgren’s debut novel Quietus and Terminus its sequel came out in 2018. This makes each of them eligible for the Best Debut, Best Novel awards as well as the Campbell Award and Hugo Awards’ Best Novel category.

Unique Stylistic Features: Tristan Palmgren burst with one of the most stunning novel, on to the SF scene.  Quietus is a novel about an extraterrestrial which arrives in Italy in the 14th century to study the Black Death. The contrast of human and alien cultures at the heart of Quietus allows Tristan Palmgren to question a host of knotty philosophical questions besides telling a story that is emotionally affecting.

Quietus is Tristan Palmgren’s new science-fiction debut novel. Right from grade school, he has been writing science fiction. He knew he wanted to continue right from his grade school days. Tristan Palmgren says that this is the one and only one thing he was aware of himself and that is writing. Quietus is about a Carthusian monk, a trans-dimensional anthropologist, the compassion and the weight of loss in impossible situations.

Tristan states that Quietus is both a grand space and contemplative historical novel, which are his most favorite genres to read. In fact they are like peanut butter and chocolate to him. He loves having them both.

Terminus, his sequel is proposed to be out very soon.