Author Profile: William Davies

Author Profile William Davies is an English writer, screenwriter, film producer, sociological and political theorist.

Name: William Davies

Timeline: 1987 – Student Exchange

1988 – Twins

1992 – Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

1993 – The Real McCoy

1993 – Ghost in the Machine

1994 – Bermuda Grace

1995 – Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde

1998 – Ghost Cop

2000 – The Guilty

2002 – Ignition

2003 – Johnny English

2006 – Allen Autopsy

2006 – Flushed Away

2010 – How to Train Your Dragon

2011 – Johnny English Reborn

2011 – Puss in Boots

2018 – and Johnny English Strikes Again (2018).

William Davies is producer of films including The Real McCoy (1993), Ghost in the Machine (1993), Bermuda Grace (TV-Movie) (1994), The Last True Action Hero (1995), The Guilty (2000), Railway Adventure Across Australia (2000), Red Cap (TV-Movie) (2001), Red Cap (TV-series, episodes 2×01, 2×05) (2004), Alien Autopsy (2006) and Johnny English Reborn (2011).

Background: William Davies was born in England in the year 1976 and he is 44 years of age. William Davies is also called Will Davies, William Davis sometimes. He completed his graduation at Mercersburg Academy and University of Cambridge. William Davies is the brother of Michael Davies (television producer) and Rebecca de Pont Davies (opera singer). He teaches sociology and political economy at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Genre: William Davies’s work focuses mainly on issues related to the function and history of expertise, happiness and consumerism in society. Main topics that interest William Davies are Happiness, Capitalism, Consumerism, Neoliberalism and Expert.

Literary Contributions: William Davies has written for a number of periodicals and newspapers including The Atlantic, London Review of Books, New Left Review and The Guardian. The Happiness Industry his second book assesses the relationship between positive psychology, big data and consumer capitalism. He is the Co-Director of The Political Economy Research Centre in London.

Unique Stylistic Features: William Davies is one of the most interesting commentators on political ideas. The two books he has authored are Limits of Neoliberalism: Authority, Sovereignty and the Logic of Competition (2014), and The Happiness Industry: How Government and Big Business Sold Us Well Being (2015). William Davies takes keen interest not only in discussing the capitalism crisis occurring currently but also in discussing Brexit and the culture of the Home Office. Nervous States: Democracy and the Decline of Reason – How Feeling Took Over The World is his next study (2019).

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