Baby Bjornstrand by Renée French

Title: Baby Bjornstrand

Author: Renee French

Context: Baby Bjournstrand is a graphic novel by Renee French which talks about the story of Marcel, Mickey and Cyril and their misadventures they experience with an undeniably mysteriously menacing and adorable monster. While her adroit hand brings back to life in the graphite grotesqueries of the book, a wasteland becomes a fertile ground for fantasy. She elegantly and seemingly wrings out variations out her wondrous worlds, right out of the pages of the book itself.

Synopsis: Renee French’s work revels in the killer side of cute and the horrors that lying without and within right from the early 1990’s. Her pointillist pencil-art approach provides her work with the atmosphere of a deleted scene from Easerhead or a half-remembered dream.

In the graphic novel, Baby Bjournstrand, the author blends together nightmarish existentialist angst and absurdist humor thus achieving the peak primal power. Little adorable hooded troublemakers, a disorderly group of people try making sense to the birdlike sea monster, the title character who comes forth in their midst, suddenly.

The title character is a bulbous, amphibious, black-eyed bird-thing like monster, who appears on the shore one day without any explanation or warning into the life of three Stooge-like friends who inhabit the land. A glowing color offsets each character that tracks to their speech. Mood often lightens often figuratively and literally with the strikingly simple device. The novel’s morose ending has a bite that does not need the monster’s jaws.

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