Bart Yates

Author: Bart Yates

Profile: Bart Yates is an American novelist. He resides in Iowa City, Iowa. He writes under his pen name of Noah Bly. Bart Yates was born in 1962 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, The United States. Out of his three brothers, he was the youngest. His family moved to Lamoni, Iowa in 1969 where his father was the Dean of Students at Graceland College. His mother too taught courses related to business in Graceland. Bart completed his graduation in 1981 from Lamoni High School, in 1985 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Clarinet Performance from Drake University and in 1988 with a Master of Music degree in Woodwind Performance from Boston University. At The Boston Conservatory he had a brief stint that was bizarrely inappropriate after which in 1989 he started teaching music lessons privately in Massachusetts. In 1999 he moved to Iowa City, Iowa. Gordon Mennenga took a novel writing class at the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival which proved to be catalyst for Bart Yates debut novel (Leave Myself Behind) which was published in the year 2002.

He works in Iowa as a freelance musician. He has received a master’s degree from Boston University. He plays the clarinet for Nica’s Dream a jazz group for the persistently unemployed. The Third Hill North of Town is his writing as Noah Bly.

Bart Yates continues to teach bass guitar, saxophone and clarinet lessons in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. Besides this he has also taught workshops at the Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa. Bart’s is usually found with a book in one hand and a glass of coffee or red wine in the other hand when he is not writing or teaching. Presently he is working on his fifth novel.

Writing style: Genre: Bart Yates’s genre is Realistic Fiction, Gay Fiction and Drama.

Published Texts:

2003 – Leave Myself Behind

2005 – The Brothers Bishop

2008 – The Distance Between Us

2017 – White Creek: A Fable

Awards and Acknowledgements:

2004 – Won an Alex Award from the American Library Association (Leave Myself Behind).

‘The Third Hill North of Town’ his most recent novel was published under the pen name of Noah Bly in 2014.

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