Developing Sustainable Development Plans

Sustainability is generating better quality of life and it improves the local environmental conditions for the people locally and also the future generations. It is quite common for people to help a person in need. The normal intuition when we see a poor or needy person is to help the person and solve his problems. It is done in good intention but the damage we are doing to the future of person is going to be major. But what is good for a person or plant is not the same with nations. The most powerful countries became powerful and prosperous countries not by becoming kind and concerned to single individuals.

Creating Necessary Infrastructure

The focus of the administration should be on creating necessary infrastructure for the people and this helps the countries to grow. Human beings are like plants, if planted in the right place along with the right manure; it grows on to become healthy trees automatically. Providing education to the people makes them useful and responsible members of the society. It should be the focus of the local administration along with the necessary facilities for the people. They have to develop roads which can be used without any problem.

Provide housing and other facilities like electricity etc and this will help them to produce good things for the society. If the society in which they live becomes good the country will prosper and there will no looking back. Proper justice system has to be in place where each every human being is treated fairly, justly and equally. Make rules and laws which does trouble the people and see that it is fair and just. It helps the people to grow and it becomes favourable for the growth of the nation. Focussing on the people instead of focussing on the environment is foolish. This is one of the mistakes many nations do.

Providing Benefits to Unemployed?

The government ruling the nation provides benefits to the unemployed, financial assistances and food for the people who are weak. By doing this the nation is consuming the major part of their resources and they will have anything left to create the favourable environment. Such societies will face many problems because these people in the society depend on the government for everything and they will never have the urge to work for their own. Such people can never grow to their potential which is dangerous to the nation. The administration will find it difficult to plan for the future and create infrastructure for the people. This is because the administration will be spending the full energy and finance to satisfy the people with their day-to-day needs.

It all starts from the home where as a parent you have to create a favourable environment for the children at home. As a parent you have to provide love, peace and happiness as a child and teach them with the benefits of education, discipline and hard work. Today’s children are tomorrow’s nation- no matter in which nation you are living or planning to live. It is the parents the children imitate and it is the duty of the parent to create such an environment in the house and this will reflect on the nation.

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