Best Way To Give Your SAT Reading Score A Boost

Best Way To Give Your SAT Reading Score A Boost

SAT Reading Score: In SAT, the perfect score is 1600 while 400 is the minimum score. For the class of 2018, the average score was 1068, but still what should be a good score.

What Exactly Is A Decent SAT Score

A lot depends about the colleges you are taking into account. Students taking the SAT for the very first time will find the SAT Reading Test quite daunting, not for the three lengthy hours it takes, or the optional essay or breaks.  Actually it takes a continuous 65 minutes for the reading section. Focusing for 65 minutes is indeed a long time. However with a lot of practice and by sharpening your skills a good personal score can certainly be achieved. These days practice sessions for SAT are available free of cost, on the internet.

The Superscore Versus The National Average

In case your ultimate superscore or SAT score and the national average are close enough then the probabilities of getting admission to a range of schools are quite high. It is helpful to gain good scores. As far as decisions for college admissions are concerned, good grades are the most vital factor. Admission chances at selective schools are always better, if the SAT score is on the higher side. The other good thing is that a good SAT score fetches merit based aid at a number of schools. Hence a lot of money can be saved if an above-average score is earned. This way the student can be saved from accruing sizable debt at colleges. If you have a below average score then before the enrollment, the school may ask you to take college-readiness courses. Also the chances of getting a merit based financial aid are also lower.

Typical Scores At Your Target Schools Versus Your SAT Score

How students perform at the national level, matters less than their performance at the target schools or the few key local levels. A selective school will definitely feel proud about student scores that are higher than the national average by big margins when compared to its counterparts.

To find profiles of schools online, all that you need to do is research on the internet. Checkout profiles of schools on your wish-list and click at the admissions tab for admission. If your score falls in the higher end of a school’s range, then it could be a perfect match for that university or college. Do note that if you are able to score high, then it is more likely to make yourself suitable for a merit-based aid.

Essential Tips And Strategies In SAT Preparation

In the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section of the SAT, around 50% of the score is made up by the SAT Reading Test. The remaining 50% comes from the Writing and Language Test.  The Reading Test becomes more important due to this breakdown however it is not unconquerable at all. There is no need to memorize comma rules or formulas as all that is required is the right approach towards every reading passage.

There are some essential strategies and tips for reading while preparing for a great SAT reading score.

1.Try To Get An Idea of What To Expect

Sixty five minutes are provided for reading five passages related to natural sciences, literature, social studies and history based on which 52 questions are presented which you have to answer.  Right from identifying the main idea of the entire passage, to determining word meaning in the context, comparing 2 passages, determining why a particular author is included in a certain detail or detecting information on a graph, the questions will ask the student to do everything.

  1. Select Your Own Order Of Answering Questions

Reading questions are presented in chronological order and not in order of difficulty. Hence there should be no fear of skipping any difficult question. If you are not able to answer every question, there is no need to worry. To understand more about working questions out of order, all that you need to do is a simply click online for information on SAT strategies.

3.Focus On What You Need

Read only what you need. By reading each and every word in the passage, you will be wasting a lot of time. Whatever the topic is, don’t try becoming an expert. Hence simply move back and forth between the questions and passage and focus only on what is needed. All those unnecessary little details are sure to get you mired down.

4.Be Careful While Giving Opinions

Many times you may be asked to give a text supported opinion of your own in any English class. However this does not apply to the SAT. Here, it is best to leave your opinions at the door. When you see a question containing words like ‘suggest’, ‘imply’ or ‘infer’, do observe caution. The answer may not be mentioned in the text directly, however there will be lots of evidence presented in support of the correct answer.

  1. Deal With Dual Passages One At A Time

Dual passages are given in any one of the history/social studies or science passages in which there are two short texts about a single topic. First attempt questions about the first passage, secondly deal with questions about the second passage and lastly do questions about both the passages. This is not only time saving but the student also does not get confused about the two passages at the time of evaluating answer choices.

  1. Main Idea Questions Are Best Saved For Last

It is observed that a general question is put forth as the very first question for many of the Reading passages. This general question is about the narrative view point, or about the main purpose or idea of the passage or about a shift that happens through the passage. Attempting the general questions at first, isn’t a good idea since the whole passage is yet to be read. When most of the remaining questions are done with, only then will you have a proper idea of the text’s overall themes.