Bitter Strawberries Sylvia Plath

“Bitter Strawberries” is a poem written by Sylvia Plath. Here is the text of the poem:

Bitter Strawberries

Lips that never felt a mouth,
tongues that only tasted steel,
eyes that glimpsed no other landscape
then the one that filled their sockets.

Life and death played cat and mouse
with helpless limbs and empty hearts,
and when they tired of tossing them,
the corpses marched, with boots on.

In this orchard that reeked of wire
no fruit tasted sweet on my lips,
but bitter strawberries of unattainable love
that had long ceased to be.

The poem portrays a bleak, desolate landscape where life and death are inextricably intertwined. The imagery of “bitter strawberries” represents unfulfilled or unattainable love, which is a recurring theme in Plath’s poetry. The poem uses stark, uncompromising language to convey a sense of despair and hopelessness.