Boons and Banes of Energy Production

You need energy for everything in this world and the energy sources are many. There are many advantages and disadvantages for everything and there is for energy sources also. You have to consider many things when looking for energy. Find out the source of the energy and also from where the source is located. The energy sources should be easily accessible and you have to find out the different consequences of using these sources, like the different kind of fuels. Find out the direct and indirect cost involved for using the sources and also find out whether there is alternative source of fuel.

Crude Oil Price

Check out the current cost of the crude oil and other forms of energy and learn more about these sources. You have to find out the political environment for these energy sources. Natural gas is one source which can be used because it is better and less polluting than burning oil. It produces 70% less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels and it improves the quality of air and water. This energy does not produce ash after the energy release and has high heating value. Natural gas is inexpensive when compared to coal and there is no foul odour. It has its own drawback because it is not a renewable source and has limited resource in the earth.

Water energy is the other forms of energy and it provides water for 30% of the world’s irrigated land and 19% provides electricity. It helps to expand irrigation and provide drinking water and is used for hydroelectricity energy. Water energy weakens marine ecosystems and creates water wars between countries and states. The other disadvantage is that the dams are expensive to build and create a lot of problem for the people around. It is restricted to areas with flowing water and pollution has an effect on the water power. Crude oil also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Carbon Emission is More

Crude oil is one of the most abundant energy resources and the liquid form is easy to transport. The heating value of crude oil is very high and it is relatively inexpensive. But the carbon emission is more and the resources are limited. Oil drilling is bad for environment and the ecosystem. Nuclear power has no atmospheric emissions and is a useful source of energy. The fuel for nuclear power can be recycled and the cost is inexpensive. But it has potential for high risk disaster and the disposal of waste produced is a problem. Natural calamities like earthquake can cause damage and leaks to the plant.

Wind energy is the other energy that has continuous sources of energy which is clean and there is no emission into the atmosphere. It does not add any thermal burden on the earth and there problems in terms of health. Wind power density is low in many locations and there is lack of storing energy. There is also the problem of land consumption. Coal is the most abundant energy source which is versatile and can be burned directly. But it is the source of pollution and emits waste like SO2, Nitrogen Oxide and ash. Solid coal is difficult to burn and the high water content reduces heating value.