Chike Frankie Edozien

Author: Chike Frankie Edozien

Profile: Chike Frankie Edozien is a Nigerian-American writer and journalist. Presently he is the Director of New York University, Accra. From 2008 to 2009 he directed a Ghana based program of the New York University Journalism Institute, called ‘Reporting Africa’. Chike is a well known journalist who has sharpened his skills writing about cultural, health and government related issues for a range of publications. Universities across the world including, New York University, Yale University, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Delhi and more have examined the work of Chike Frankie Edozien. He learnt reading from newspapers while growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and he is an award-winning reporter as of today.


Writing style: Chike Frankie Edozien has discussed about themes of courage, perseverance and freedom in his book, ‘Lives’ around the world right from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Ghana, Nigeria and the United States. Lives of contemporary LGBTQ women and men in the diaspora and the African continent are explored in ‘Lives’. As a City Hall Reporter, Edozien covered human services, crime, public health labor issues, politics and courts reporting from abroad and around the country for the paper.

Published Texts:

2016 – Safe House: Explorations in Creative Nonfiction

2017 – Lives of Great Men

Shea Prince

As You Like It

Last Night in Asaba


Awards and Acknowledgements:

Chike Frankie Edozien’s work has appeared in a number of magazines including Time Magazine, The Times (UK), Atlas Obscura, Transitions Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Jalada, New York Times, and more.

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Founding Member of Afrolit Sans Frontieres Festival


2017 – Awarded New York University’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award for excellence in social justice advocacy, teaching, leadership and community building.

Award-winning New York Post reporter for fifteen years

1999 to 2008 – City Hall Reporter (lead writer on legislative affairs)

2017 – Lambda Literary Award Winner (Lives of Great Men)

2018 – Shortlisted (Lives of Great Men) for the Randy Shilts Award for Non Fiction

2018 – Shortlisted for the Kraak Human Rights Award (Shea Prince)

2018 – Shortlisted for Gerald Kraak (Shea Prince)

2019 – Shortlisted for Gerald Kraak (Last Night in Asaba)

2019 – Lambda Award (As You Like It)

‘Forgetting Lamido’ was anthologized in Safe House: Exploration in Creative Nonfiction