Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Profile: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an Indian-American and a best-selling and an award-winning poet, author, teacher of writing and an activist. She was born in Kolkata

Her writing has been included in more than 50 anthologies and published in more than 50 magazines.  Many of her works have been made into plays and films. She is the Betty and Gene McDavid Professor of Writing at the University of Houston Creative Writing Program.

 Writing style: Most of the works of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni focus mostly on the experiences of immigrants of South Asia. Her works are set largely in the United States and in India. Besides writing for adults, she writes children’s books. A number of novels have been published by her in a range of genres including, young, adult, novels, historical fiction, poetry, fantasy, myth, short stories, realistic fiction and magical realism.

Published Texts:


1995 – Arranged Marriage: Stories

1997 – The Mistress of Spices

1999 – Sister of My Heart

2001 – The Unknown Errors of our Lives

2002 – The Vine of Desire

2004 – Queen of Dreams

2007 – The Lives of Strangers

2008 – The Palace of Illusions: A Novel

2010 – One Amazing Thing

2013 – Oleander Girl

2016 – Before We Visit the Goddess

2019 – The Forest of Enchantments

Young adult and children

2002 – Neela: Victory Song

2013 – Grandma and the Great Gourd (Children’s picture book)

Brotherhood of the Conch series

2003 – The Conch Bearer

2005 – The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming

2009 – Shadowland


1987 – mr.aryan yadav

1990 – The Reason for Nasturtiums

1991 – Black Candle: Poems About Women from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

1997 – Leaving Yuba City, St.Louis


1993 – Multitude: Cross Cultural Readings for Writers

1997 – We Too Sing America

2004 – California Uncovered: Stories for the 21st Century


Awards and Acknowledgements:

Gerbode Award

Allen Ginsberg Award

Barbara Deming Memorial Award

American Book Award

Bay Area Book Reviewers Award

PEN Josephine Miles Award

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award (Nominated)

  1. Krishna Udayasankar

 Author: Krishna Udayasankar

Profile: Krishna Udayasankar is a Singapore based Indian author and lecturer. She is born in Bangalore, India and graduated at the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. She completed her Ph.D. in Strategic Management at Nanyang Technological University. She studied in Australia too for a few years.

Her best selling debut novel is Govind which is the first in the Aryavarta Chronicles series of mytho-historical attained critical acclaim. The author is popularly known for her modern retelling of the Mahabharata, through, The Aryavarta Chronicles, her novel cycle. The satirical poem, The Aryavarta Chronicles, was her very first work. She has written a novel Immortal and 3 – on the founding of Singapore. Her book of prose-poems is ‘Objects of Affection.

She resides with her family in Singapore along with her three dogs, Maya, Zana and Boozo. During the earlier years of her life she wrote, journal articles, research papers, etc. but later started writing fiction while still managing her day job. She writes full time presently. She believes that her over the years, her furry children taught her that the biggest in life are that love and goodness are instinctive and not thought-of. Animals have a guileless and honest interaction, with pure instinct, which is better in comparison to the way humans interact.

Writing style: Krishna Udayasankar’s genre is poetry, historical fiction and mythopoeia.

Published Texts:

2012 – Govinda (Novel)

2013 – Objects of Affection (poetry anthology)

2013 – Body Boundaries: The Etiquette Anthology of Women’s Writing (non-fiction)

2013 – Kaurava (Novel)

2014 – Kurukshetra

2014 – Global Business Today (Textbook)

2015 – International Business: An Asian Perspective (Textbook)

2015 – 3 (novel)

2016 – Immortal

2019 – Beast

Buddha – Forthcoming


Awards and Acknowledgements:

In 2018 in a session at the Bangalore Literary Festival, she spoke that writing fiction happened by accident.

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