Christopher Davis

Author: Christopher Davis

Profile: Christopher Davis is an American writer. In his book, Valley of the Shadow, Andrew recounts his life suffering with AIDS. He states that the story is about a gay man who enjoyed being a gay person, he enjoyed life and his lover to the fullest in the same way as another man would love a woman and that he would pass away before completing 30 years of age. Teddy is the love of his life and at turns they experience a turbulent and passionate relationship which is the novel’s main focus. They both live together for a few years, then separate and after Teddy develops AIDS, they unite again. Andrew is diagnosed with AIDS after Teddy’s death. The evolving gay world around him, parallels his life from mere innocence to joyous abandon to new hope and cautious fear. This is indeed a thought provoking, well written, moving and contemporary novel.

Christopher David’s novel The Boys In The Bars is a short story collection that presents the tales of Fire Island/New York scene from the late 70’s to beyond the present. While some of the stories are heartbreaking and funny, almost all the novels include elegant and taut phrases all of which have turned out to be the hallmark of his writings.

Writing style: Christopher David is well known for his novels, Valley of the Shadow based on the HIV/AIDS theme and Philadelphia which was a novelization of the drama film, Philadelphia. He has also released some biographical information about himself to the media. After Philadelphia, he has not published any work further.

Published Texts:

1986 – Joseph and the Old Man

1988 – Valley of the Shadow

1989 – The Boys in the Bars (short story collection)

Awards and Acknowledgements:

1989 – Shortlisted nominee for the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Fiction at the 1st Lambda Literary Awards