Colin Thomas

Author: Colin Thomas

Profile: Colin Thomas is a Canadian writer from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Until 2016 he was a critic for The Georgia Straight.  In the youth theatre division he has been a three time winner of the Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award for his very own theatrical plays, One Thousand Cranes in 1985, Two Weeks Twice a Year in 1991 and Flesh and Blood in 1992. Flesh and Blood was included in 1992 in the Making Out, the first anthology of Canadian plays by gay writers along side with works of Ken Garnhum, David Demchuk, Harry Rintoul, Daniel Maclvor and Sky Gilbert. Colin Thomas is an editor as well. Young people can avail all of his scripts in published form. Some of the most prestigious interpretations in America include those at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC and at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

Writing style: Colin Thomas is an established theatre-critic and award winning playwright. He was a gifted poet and writer.

Published Texts:

Sex Is My Religion

One Thousand Cranes

Two Weeks, Twice a Year

Flesh and Blood

Awards and Acknowledgements:

Flesh and Blood, Twice a Year and One Thousand Cranes; Two Weeks, Twice a Year are Colin Thomas’s  three most recent scripts for young people all of which have been honored at the Chalmers Children’s Playwriting Awards.

Colin Thomas’s work has been mounted by every major theatre company of young people.

Colin Thomas’s productions have received the Dora Awards in Toronto and Jessie Awards in Vancouver, within North America.