Understanding Communism

One phrase that is able to crystallize what communism means is, ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his need’. In a communist system, a classless society is created by abolishing any kind of ownership in private.

History Of Communism

Basic ideas on communism were embodied in a short book called The Communist Manifesto written by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in 1848. This book is being referred to by many of the communists and socialists even today for understanding economics and politics. Even if many of those who are not communists read this book, they are not in agreement with everything featured in it. According to Karl Marx, there needs to be a period of transition, if the society has to change into a communist way of life. The society would be governed by workers in such a society. A number of individuals and groups liked the ideas that Marx propounded.

Social Democracy was a socialist movement that took place worldwide during the start of the 20th century once people favoured the ideas of Karl Marx. A view was shared in different countries that workers had a lot in common with each other as compared to what each worker group has with the bosses in their own country. In Russia the temporary government got abolished in the October Revolution by the Bolsheviks group led by Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin. After this the USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the Soviet Union was established after the revolution in February against the Tsar.

First Ruler To Follow Communism

Right from the year 1917, at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, this system of government has been a major theme in history. Ideology on communism was popularized mainly by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, their work in 1848. This work inspired the Bolshevik Party founder, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. In Russia, he became the very first ruler to follow communism.

Ownership In A Communist System

In a communist country, all the people own all factories, land, goods etc. which indicates that all people share the goods available. According to this system, people located all over the world should own the farms, factories and tools that are required for the manufacture and production of food and goods. Due to this, poverty does not prevail. Besides this there is no lower class, middle class or upper class. In America, during the 1930s during the era of the Great Depression, the a large number of people joined the Communist Party as this system was very sympathetic towards the desires and the needs of the workers, instead of the bosses.

In practice, communism seems to be a bit different especially for those living in the twentieth century. As far as communism is concerned a proposition that was completely different was practiced by Chairman Mao, Stalin and Lenin. Communism of such kind only sets up a government of an authoritarian kind and the best of services and goods are received by people in government. It was for this reason that a lot of people in Russia vied for jobs in the government sector. One of the biggest reasons was not that they were communism fans, but that they got larger accommodation as part of perks. Members of the government begin rationalizing that since they are doing governing jobs for the people, they rightfully deserve to have what is best.

Focus Of Communism

In an economy where political communism is followed the ultimate goal is to focus on the aspect of production rather than arts, etc. It has been seen that in a communist regime, it is the arts sector that could suffer as seen in China for a number of years. Governments in a communist economy start becoming paranoid and insular leading to the formation of a secret police force that squashes any sign of revolution by the people. Man is unfortunately, greedy by nature. If humans were not greedy then the probability is that communism would be able to function well. It is however argued by a lot of people that no one would have the desire of having more, if everyone is provided the same. Time and again, this particular aspect has proved to be a fallacy. People will not want to excel at all since the main aim is to only work towards a total production quota with nothing more to work or goals to be achieved.

Communism At Its Extreme

In politics, communalism has been described as a way of thinking. In fact it is an idea of the way a society should be organized and work. It is basically socialism at its extreme. There shouldn’t be any states or social classes in this government system. It is in other words there is no ownership of private property in a communist form of society. Both money and the state cease to exist as the people have to work in order to get the things required by them for living.

Who Creates Dictatorship In A Communist Society

Power of the ruling class or the bourgeoisie, is eliminated in communism. The working class or the proletarian are the ones who create a dictatorship in the classless society. Even if this form of society is against individualism, the belief is that, whatever decisions are made, they should be beneficial to the collective population as a whole instead of just serving certain or some of the greedy people.

Who Takes Up Power Of The States

It was the belief of a number of socialists that in democratic elections, power of the state should be taken up by the socialists. Accordingly to win the elections, they put in effort to create socialist parties in their own nations. The others were of the thinking that states were created for maintaining capitalism and communists would not be allowed to take over power by the capitalists. Hence for creating a new state for workers a revolution or war would be needed. Some of the countries make claims that they are worker states but this is debated by a number of communists. Elections were held in many of the countries, however only candidates belonging to the communist party were allowed to contest the elections.

Symbol Of Communism

Communism is symbolized by the colour red all over the world. At times a five pointed star in red colour also depicts communism. In many countries the sickle and hammer are being used on flags as a sign for communism. To signify the entire communism philosophy, many of the communists used picture of well known communists in history including Mao Zedong, Lenin and Marx. The Internationale is the communism song used internationally. Words of the song are translated in different countries, but the music continues to remain the same at all places.

Benoy BasuBenoy Basu

Binoy Basu or Binoy Krishna Basu (September 11, 1908 – December 13, 1930) born in Rohitbhog village in Munshiganj District, Bikrampur. Also known as Binoy Bose, this Bengal freedom fighter was well known for launching an attack on the Secretariat Building – the Writers’ Building in Dalhousie Square in Kolkata.

Alluri Sitarama RajuAlluri Sitarama Raju

Alluri Sitarama Raju born on July 4, 1897 in Visakhapatnam District was also called ‘Manyam Veerudu’ meaning Hero of the Jungles. He was keen to know more about India’s political condition but had lesser interest in studies. He was a revolutionary actively involved in the independence movement in India. During