Figure of Speech - Metonym


Figure of Speech - Metonym

Conjunction is a word sometimes more than one word used to join words or sentences. It is used to join two independent statements of equal importance. This is called a coordinating conjunction. Some conjunction one statement to another while some others show contrast between two statements.  Some conjunctions are used in pairs like ‘either… or’, ‘neither….nor’,  ‘no sooner… than’.

Practise Exercises

Choose the correct joining word

  1. The child came ________ sat beside her mother. ( and/ but/  or)
  2. I ran to the gate ___________ she had already left. ( or / while / but)
  3. Coffee ______ tea are the favourite beverages all over the world. ( or / and / but)
  4. Complete the shoot ___________ the light is still there. ( while / therefore / and)
  5. I went out ____________ it was raining. ( but / because / or)
  6. I was tired _________ I watched the show. ( and / yet / because)
  7. The soldiers were struggling; ____________ they refused to give up. ( and / whereas / nevertheless )
  8. I was livid _________ I kept quiet. ( whereas / still/ and)
  9. Hurry up! __________ you will miss the bus! ( whereas / else / but )
  10. Something must have happened , __________ she is never late. ( else/ for / yet)

Correct the sentences with the right conjunctions

  1. We will go for a picnic but the weather is fine.
  2. We must get ready soon and we may not reach the airport on time.
  3. Paul was sick, for he watched the game.
  4. I opened the window but looked at the birds.
  5. Did he know the telephone numbers yet the address?
  6. We have invited him or his friends.
  7. Both the teams were happy and they were declared joint champions.
  8. The players gave their best so they did not win the match.
  9. The sun had risen or it was still dark outside.
  10. We must revise more but we may not perform as we want.
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Choose the appropriate coordinating conjunctions

  1. The batsman was _________ fined ___________suspended. ( either ….. or / neither …..nor)
  2. He is ________ a liar _____________ a cheat. (both ….. and / either ….. or )
  3. ___________ was his motivation ____________ he worked all night. ( not only ….. but also /  such…. That)
  4. ____________ had I entered the bedroom _________ I saw the cat escape. ( No sooner…. Than / such ….. that)
  5. The hailstorm _________________ destroyed the crops ________________ damaged the fruit trees. ( not only …. But also / either …. Or)
  6. She __________ attended the marriage _______ did she call me. ( not only ….. and / neither …. Nor)
  7. ____________ was he tired _______________ hungry. ( either …. Or / not only …. But also)
  8. Ria is __________ talented _________ sincere. ( both…and / either …. Or)
  9. ___________ buy a book _______ toy. ( both… and /either… or)
  10. ___________ is he honest _________ sincere. ( neither … nor /  not only … but also)

Use suitable conjunctions to join the two sentences

  1. You say so. I believe it.
  2. The police came. The gangsters had fled by then.
  3. His is working sincerely. His purpose is to make himself famous.
  4. You must practise regularly. You will not improve.
  5. Everybody liked him. His behaviour was such.
  6. He has a good position in the company. He never seems to be satisfied.
  7. We walked on the beach. The children swam in the sea.
  8. I found the book. I had left in on the shelf.
  9. I will forgive you. You must promise never to do this again.
  10. Study hard. You will not pass.
  11. He is talented. He is lazy.
  12. It will rain. We will cancel the match.
  13. You must join work today. You may lose a day’s salary.
  14. It snowed heavily. The roads were blocked.
  15. I closed the window. The winds were strong.
  16. We cannot go out. We have to finish our homework.
  17. It is a small business. It is successful.
  18. Ram has volunteered. Ali has volunteered.
  19. Be careful. You may have an accident.
  20. He will reach the top. He works very hard.
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