Connie Fife

Author: Connie Fife

Profile: Connie Fife is a Cree Canadian poet and editor. She was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on August 27, 1961 and died in Haines Junction, Yukon on February 3, 2017. She has one child named Russell Fife. She was an out lesbian. Three books of poetry have been published by her. Besides this she has edited many anthologies of First Nations women’s writing. Connie’s work has appeared a many other literary magazines and anthologies.

Though she was from Saskatchewan originally, she has been a resident of Victoria, British Columbia for a longtime. She has lived in Winnipeg, Toronto, Manitoba, Ontario and Haines Junction, Yukon.

Writing style: A unique perspective is used by the Cree poet, Connie Fife while writing her poems and talking about her personal upbringing and experiences. She uses literal wring and modern writing as well as the form of dramatic monologue to show the relationship of her experiences through poetry and display themes related to racism in the process of presenting her traditional viewpoint to the readers.


Published Texts:


1992 – Beneath the Naked Sun

1999 – Speaking Through Jagged Rock

2001 – Poems for a New World


1986 – Fireweed Native Women’s Issue, No. 26

1991 – Gatherings 2

1998 – The Colour of Resistance: A Contemporary Collection of Writing by Aboriginal Women

Awards and Acknowledgements:

Connie Fife has been one of the four writers along with Anna Marie Sewell, Walter Nanawin and Dan David to be awarded the special one-time Prince and Princess Edward Prize in Aboriginal Literature from the Canada Council for the Arts in the year 2000. Connie’s pen has been described as ‘fearless’ by the jury.

Connie has been a writer-in-residence at the En’owkin School of Writing in Penticton, British Columbia from 1990 to 1992 where the Canadian Native Arts Foundation has awarded her a fellowship to study creative 1992.

In 2014 she served on the jury of the Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBT writers.

Besides being a poet she was an outreach worker for the Urban Native Youth Association in Vancouver, British Columbia.