Narrative Essay

How To Write An Effective Narrative Essay

Writing an effective narrative essay becomes easy, if a few tips that are easy to follow, are considered. Almost anyone would like to read a great narrative essay or novel. It is very easy to get the reader transported into another space and time with the kind of writing portrayed in an effective narrative essay. You will need to reflect upon a particular event, recreate a particular experience for the reader and develop a rewarding, subtle and new perspective for the reader.


Significance of the experience in the narrative will need to be communicated in the paragraph at the beginning. There are a lot of people who also use the effective technique of beginning the essay with a narrative and then ending it with a paragraph containing the significance of their experience. When this kind of an approach is followed, the reader is able to develop his or her own understanding about the experience and then get connected to the significance expressed at the end. Some others may introduce the experience in the very first paragraph and delay expression of the significance till the end of the narrative essay. When this approach is followed, the sensitivity of the reader is heightened towards the narrative’s significance.

Qualities Of The Narrative Essay

One of the basic qualities of the narrative essay is that it can be based on your past, present, or another person’s experience. The narrative essay recreates a particular experience through time. It helps in communicating the main lesson or the idea learnt.

Steps To Consider

The experience you want to write about will first need to be identified. The next thing to do is understand the significance of the experience and then spend adequate time in getting the recollections of the experience drafted properly. An outline on the main parts of the narrative will also have to be created.

Writing The Narrative

To describe each part of the essay, you will need to use the outline. Vivid descriptions and details should be used for recreating the experience for the reader, rather than just writing about what had happened. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and note that the only information that the readers have with them is the experiences you have written about.

Prompts To Think Of

For your narrative essay, you could think of potential prompts or experiences including, goal achievement, an event that occurred during childhood, a bad or good deed, failure, realization, a changing event in your life, etc. These prompts can help in identifying or remembering a significant or interesting experience for focusing upon.

Realization is one experience you could consider while writing the narrative essay. You can think of events that became learning experiences for the first time, achieving a good grade or job, rewarding reflections, realization and understanding life’s situations, understanding a complicated equation in the mathematics subject, or philosophical issues deeply, while considering prompts for writing the narrative essay.


As part of the revision process, you will need to read the narrative essay’s draft and think whether or not the writing is effective enough to get the experience recreated for the reader. Impressions of other people can be gathered by asking them to read the essay. If more descriptions and details are needed, then identify them. If particular information causes distraction away from the main essay or focus, then it will have to be identified and removed. Ensure the most effective order is adopted for presenting the information.

If these important points are considered then, certainly you will be able to write one of the most effective narrative essays and attract the attention of almost any reader.

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