Writing a Newspaper Report

How To Write An Effective Newspaper Report

It does not matter whether you are writing to fulfill a requirement in school or for a small newspaper in school you will certainly want to write a good article, just like a professional. To write like a true letter, it takes a lot of things basically.

What To Write On

The first thing you need to do is decide upon what you want to write. The news story to be written will need to be researched upon, first of all. At times, specific assignments may be given to you by the instructor or the editor, which can be very helpful, but at other times you will need to identify your very own stories and then write about it. In case you do not have a topic choice then you can write the article on the basis of your own family history or personal experience which will help in providing a perspective dose and strong framework.

Ensure that bias is avoided at all costs. The opinions mentioned should be strong enough to affect the conclusion of the story. When logic is being used, you will also need to watch out for fallacies. Topics that revolve around a particular strong interest can be picked up, which could also include a favorite sport. Research will need to be conducted if the topic is close to your heart, like reading articles and books, referring to the library, meeting people, attending events, visiting organizations, etc to get a better understanding of the entire story that you intend covering.

The next thing to do is to interview people and collect quotes reflecting on the perception of the story or event. Interviewing newsworthy and important people should not be an intimidating experience for you. Depending on your choice the interview can be informal or formal so have fun and relax. Identify people who have strong opinions and note down the responses for maintaining accuracy.

Information From Trusted Sources Only

The information you gather for the report should be from reliable and trusted sources only. It is also important to use the right kind of journalism terms. Journalists need to be aware of particular terms that can be used in news reports.

Parts That Make Up The News Report

You will need to be aware of the different parts that make up the news report. Ensure that the news article’s title is to the point and catchy. Capitalize the first word and proper nouns. Make sure that the numbers are not spelled out. The next part is the byline or the name of the writer.

The first paragraph of the news report is termed as lead which provides the entire story’s preview and summary in detail. Basic facts are included in the lead which helps the readers in deciding whether they are interested in reading the rest of the story. Be objective and use active verbs so that the reader gets a feeling that there is something happening. A few questions like who, what, when, where and why can be answered in the first paragraph of the news report. The opening sentence should be able to attract the attention of the reader. It should be something unexpected or just a question.

The next part of the report is the story containing facts and quotes collected from the research and people interviews. Ensure not to include your own opinions in the report. All events need to be jotted in a chronological order and use only active voice but not passive voice.

End Of The News Story

Avoid putting down an entire list of sources towards the end of the story. The first few or initial paragraphs should contain the most critical or important information about the news report. After this the supporting information, related information or the background information can be followed up with. A catchy phrase or quote can be used in the last paragraph to round off the news report.

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