Craig Johnson

Author: Craig Johnson

Profile: Craig Johnson is an American author, short story writer and novelist. He was born on January 16, 1961. He grew up in Huntington, WV and attended college at Marshall University. The Walt Longmire series of novels is his most notable works. He is best known for his mystery novels. His novel series books are set in northern Wyoming, where Longmire is the sheriff of Absaroka, a fictional county. In 2004, the series was debuted and by the month of September 2019 he has written two novellas, 15 novels and a number of short stories featuring Longmire. The novels were adapted for a television series in the year 2012 while a number of his novels have been on The New York Times Best Seller list. The 21 books he has authored have been translated into fourteen languages and have also won many awards.

Judy Johnson is Craig Johnson’s partner. He built a ranch in the small town of Ucross, Wyoming having a population of just 25, and resides there with his wife Judy.

Writing style: Craig Johnson’s genre is mystery, detective fiction, crime fiction and westerns.

Published Texts:


2004 – The Cold Dish

2006 – Death Without Company

2007 – Kindness Goes Unpunished

2008 – Another Man’s Moccasins

2009 – The Dark Horse

2010 – Junkyard Dogs

2011 – Hell is Empty

2012 – Divorce Horse

2012 – As the Crow Flies

2012 – Christmas in Absaroka County

2013 – Messenger

2013 – A Serpent’s Tooth

2013 – Spirit of Steamboat

2014 – Any Other Name

2014 – Wait for Signs

2015 – Dry Bones

2016 – The Highwayman

2016 – An Obvious Fact

2017 – The Western Star

2018 – Depth of Winter

2019 – Land of Wolves

2020 – Next to Last Stand


Awards and Acknowledgements:

SNCF Mystery of the Year

Le Polar Nouvel Observateur Prix du Roman Noir/Bibliobs (The Cold Dish)

The Wyoming Historical Association’s Book of the Year (Death Without Company) won France’s Le Prix 813

Won the Western Writers of America’s Spur Award (Another Man’s Moccasins)

Mountains & Plains Book of the Year (Another Man’s Moccasins)

Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year (The Dark Horse, the fifth in the series)

The Watson Award for a mystery novel with the best sidekick (Junkyard Dogs)

Best Mystery of the Year (Hell Is Empty – selected by Library Journal)

New York Times best seller (Hell Is Empty)

Won the Rocky for the best crime novel typifying the western United States (As the Crow Flies)

New York Times bestseller (A Serpent’s Tooth, Any Other Name, Wait for Signs – Johnson’s collection of stories)

The inaugural One Book Wyoming (One Book Wyoming selected by the State Library)

Visits to 63 libraries (One Book Wyoming)