Deborah Ellis

Author: Deborah Ellis

Profile: Deborah Ellis is a Canadian writer, author, peace activist and feminist. She was born in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Her most notable works are Looking for X (1999) and The Breadwinner series (2001-2011).

During her childhood she moved to different places many times due to the nature of work of her parents. When Deborah was 11 to 12 years old, she made a decision to begin writing.

Her conversations with people, their stories and her travels around the world are presented as a writer in much of her work. Deborah has also taken up a number of jobs advocating for the anti-war movement and the peace movement. In 1997 she travelled to Pakistan to interview refugees at an Afghan refugee camp after which she wrote a number of book series.

As a philanthropist, Deborah Ellis donates almost all of her royalties earned on her books to organizations like UNICEF and ‘Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan’. She has received threats from the Taliban for doing this work.

Writing style: Themes selected by Deborah Ellis are very often concerned with persecuted children belonging to the Third World and their sufferings. She advocates the disenfranchised, most passionately.

Published Texts:

1999 – Looking for X

2000 – Women of the Afghan War

2001 – The Breadwinner

2002 – A Company of Fools

2002 – Parvana’s Journey

2003 – Mud City

2004 – The Heaven Shop

2006 – I Am a Taxi

2007 – Click

2007 – Jakeman

2007 – Bifocal

2007 Sacred Leaf

2008 – Lunch with Lenin/Lunch with Lenin and Other Stories

2008 – Off to War

2009 – We Want You to Know: Kids Talk About Bullying

2010 – No Safe Place

2011 – My Name is Parvana

2011 – No Ordinary Day

2011 – True Blue

2014 – The Cat at the Wall

2014 – Moon at Nine


Awards and Acknowledgements:

2006 – Ellis was named the Order of Ontario

Recipient of the Governor General’s Award

Recipient of the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award

Recipient of the Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work

Recipient of an ALA Notable and the Children’s Africana Book Award Honor Book for Older Readers

2016 – Ellis was named as the Member of the Order of Canada

Ruth Rchwartz Award

Middle East Book Award

Sweden’s Peter Pan Prize

Received the Ontario Library Association’s President Award for Exceptional Achievement

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