Diary of a nobody summary

Diary of a nobody summary

“Diary of a Nobody” is a novel written by George Grossmith and illustrated by his brother Weedon Grossmith, published originally as a serial in 1888-1889, and later as a book in 1892. The book is a humorous satire of the middle-class society and their obsession with social status and propriety.

The story is presented in the form of a diary written by Charles Pooter, a middle-aged clerk who lives with his wife and son in the suburbs of London. Pooter is obsessed with social climbing and constantly tries to impress his neighbors and colleagues with his modest achievements, while his diary entries expose his own foolishness and pretensions.

Through Pooter’s character, the novel explores the absurdity and shallowness of the Victorian middle-class values and their preoccupation with status and appearance. The book also features a cast of colorful characters, including Pooter’s friends and neighbors, who add to the humor and satire of the story.

The writing style in “Diary of a Nobody” is straightforward and conversational, with Pooter’s diary entries providing a humorous and ironic commentary on his own actions and the world around him. The illustrations by Weedon Grossmith add to the comic effect and bring the characters to life.

Overall, “Diary of a Nobody” is a classic work of satire that continues to entertain readers with its witty observations on human nature and social conventions.