Easy Ways To Get 800 On SAT Reading – Right Strategies To Follow

Easy Ways To Get 800 On SAT Reading – Right Strategies To Follow

Easy Ways To Get 800 On SAT Reading: If you are a student aiming at getting a score in the 600-750 ranges on SAT Reading + Writing, here are some of the best strategies to follow to get that perfect 800. Actually it is not too easy to get that perfect test score in SAT Reading. Perfection is the requirement. Achieving anything is possible if you put in hard work. So with hard work and by following the right strategies, students are sure to get that dream score. Many perfect scorers have been able to score 800, consistently. Truly, they know what it takes. Students should simply and diligently follow the right advice after which they can feel rest assured of getting that perfect or near to perfect score.

A Short Note:

These tips are most suitable for advanced students who are already scoring 600+ on SAT Reading or above (This is equivalent to a Reading Test Score of 30+ out of 40 on the New SAT). If a student is below this range then there is no need to worry as there are a number of appropriate articles available for them to follow, online. Easy to follow tips provided in those articles can be best used after students have reached a 600.

A point to be noted is that, the NEW 2016 SAT has a single 800 Reading + Writing score now, which combines the Writing Test Scores and the individual Reading. In technical terms a perfect 40/40 test score is being referred to as a perfect Reading test score which is essential to get an 800 Writing and Reading score. The Perfect SAT Writing score guides available online can be checked out by any student seeking improvement in the writing score.


The internet provides a lot of guides about methods on scoring an 800, however not all of them may be of good quality. It has been seen in many cases that people who themselves have found it difficult to score an 800, have written these guides on the internet. Advice provided by them is generally not very realistic and quite vague. Those tips provided may not be adequate enough for anyone looking for a 800 score.

Online tips from a reputed site are most reliable to avail an 800 just about anywhere you are. Simply try out these strategies and feel extremely confident that they will also work for you in consistently scoring the 800 on SAT Reading. Students in thousands at the PrepScholar level can benefit from the same.

It is indeed a good idea to score an 800 and if you are persistent enough it won’t take you much to score it. Simply check out the online key SAT Critical Reading Strategies provided, so as to get an idea about getting the perfect score in SAT Reading.

Advanced students are always aiming at earning a high score. It is important to understand the usefulness of an 800 Reading and Writing score as this can propel their motivation to attain a high score. The online guides for the New SAT are updated at regular intervals, so feel assured that the SAT test you are going to take will work definitely for you. The guide not only discusses about how to get that 800, but the strategies will apply as well even if your goal is to get a 700.

Understanding Reasons For Getting An 800 SAT Reading + Writing

It is important to clarify that a 1550+ on SAT is almost equal to a perfect 1600. There is no top college that will accredit you for a 1590 more than a 1550. Everything depends on the rest of the application and whether you will get it now since already the score threshold has been crossed.

Hence if a 1550 has been scored already, then it is pointless to spend more time in studying to get the 1600. Understand the fact that you are set already for the top colleges. Now you need to dedicate attention to the rest of your application.

Anyone scoring 1540 or less and is seeking admission to a top 10 college should spend time in pushing the score up to 1550 or above. The difference between a 1450 and 1550 is quite big and mainly since it is a lot simpler to get a 1450 (many applicants do get it) and quite tough to get a 1550.

At top renowned schools you can be placed right around average at 1540.  In terms of Ivy League-level admissions, it is bad being an average, as the rate of admissions is below 10% typically.

Hence what is the need to get an 800 SAT Reading+Writing score. This score is very helpful in other sections in compensating any weaknesses. As compared to the individual section scores, your composite score is mostly considered by schools.

In case you are thinking of applying as a social science or humanities major to a top school then too an 800 in SAT Reading is equally important. Comparisons between applicants take place at the time of college admissions and every school wants to select only the best. Achieving the score at the end is all that matters even if there is hard work involved.

New Strategies

New strategies have to be developed to increase the score to 800 after learning the below given tricks of the test. All that you need to do is study the right way and try hard enough.

  • You need to learn how the SAT Reading is purposely designed to trick or confuse you
  • Aiming for perfect raw score for an 800 is the safest thing to do
  • Understand Passage Strategy or Time Management – your high level weakness
  • The effectiveness of finding reasons of eliminating 3 wrong answers
  • Come up with your own answer to the question, much before reading the answer
  • Experiment with passage reading strategies and predict which method works best
  • Do tons of practice to understand each mistake you make
  • Find reasons for misreading the question
  • Identify your weaknesses in reading skills and drill them
  • Read the passage introduction in italics
  • Feel excited, interested and keen in subject matter of the passage
  • Avoid wasting time on Vocab, on reading magazines or books
  • Finish with double check and extra time
  • Keep calm and be prepared for turbulence in scores
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